Monday 27/09/2010, 15:31

Hello all

You may have noticed that a Polish version of Urban Rivals has been released.
This community needed a moderator. Bushidou_PWM will be this new mod and will also help in the English speaking team. So Don’t hesitate to contact him our new nice and full of spice mod.

- You won't become a moderator by asking. In fact it's worse than trying to divide by zero.
- There are no set criteria for the moderator position except the changing ones constantly created by my weird and sick mind.
- People are not selected because of their levels, guilds, ELO ranking or colour of their socks, it's far worse than that and I won't tell you more about it or it will wake Cthulhu up. He is always very grumpy when he wakes up and it's not really a good thing.
- Believe me or not, moderators are players who volunteer, they don't get massive super powers, they can't change water in chocolate milk nor tell you what will be next collectors. They are nice people with a big quality : they are very patient. And is some cases, it's a bigger power than changing water in chocolate milk.

And now, let's spam

Monday 27/09/2010, 15:34

What????????? UR has a new mod????????

Monday 27/09/2010, 15:37

Great Choice. Boo (as we call him in The M.O.B) Is a great person and friend who KNOWS Freaks better then anyone!

Thx Boo! You'll be GREAT!

Monday 27/09/2010, 15:48

smiley Guild is hapy Bubu is happy and i'm happy too smiley

Monday 27/09/2010, 15:49

Congratz Slavic friend. smiley

Monday 27/09/2010, 15:53

Thanks, guys! I need to get use to all of that!

Monday 27/09/2010, 16:01

Yay, new mod

Monday 27/09/2010, 16:12

Congrats Bubu, you deserve it. smiley

Monday 27/09/2010, 16:17

Congratz smiley

Monday 27/09/2010, 16:17

Congrats smiley


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