Any tips with my Rescue Clan

Sunday 15/05/2011, 02:10

My fav clan is Rescue and I'm trying to progress in survivor mode but the highest I've gotten to was stage three -___-My current deck I'm using is Anita, Beverly, Kerry, Pam, Slyde, Lea, Suzie, Wesley, Krash, and Joana. I'm planning on getting either Sledg or either Aurora (most likely Aurora) for my next card but wanted to ask anyone that knows what I should do or get next.

Sunday 15/05/2011, 12:22 best 9 cards u can use for t2. It is up to you to choose ur 8 cards.

Sunday 15/05/2011, 12:28

Firstly, decide if you want to go for Elo or T2 Mode. For Rescue I'd suggest Elo as they can suffer against high power in T2.

The next step is to cut down your deck to your best 8 cards. No point carrying weaker cards around.

Once you've settled on that people can help a lot more on deck specifics.

Sunday 15/05/2011, 16:49

Rescue is only good in DT's idk bout elo kuz i don't play... T2 they get destroyed especially in survivor when ur facing a pill deficit what other clans do u have?

Sunday 15/05/2011, 18:47

My other clan I use is Pussycats which I really like too: Brittany, Baby Q, Ivana, Jeyn, Svelthlana, Muze, Veronica.

Sunday 15/05/2011, 20:47

The Pussycats r 1 of my favorites as well, the 3 tht u should get r Wanda Clara and Noemi

Sunday 15/05/2011, 23:02

Yeah i'm a pussy freak lol you're better of with em in survivor you'll last longer trust me need anymore tips just pm after all my guild is 31st in the U.S. in only three months & i reached 17 in survivor today

Monday 16/05/2011, 03:12

Lol hey now no droppin guild ranks, congrats on 17... and llike pariah said (even tho it sounded funny) the pc's r a better choice 2 use in survivor rather than Rescue they aint got the pep 2 their step, if u need anything just drop a line, dueces smiley

Monday 16/05/2011, 03:45

Yea yea gud lookin out EZ oh yeah i forget to mention.. if you got the clintz to purchase a Sledg why not but a Ditha, Wanda,and a Clara? You get more cards and it's a better investment or you can just purchase a Selina. your current cards make a decent deck you won't get far in survivor but, you can beat some ass in a DT without a doubt and a Vholt can def help you out... need assitance u kno wat 2 do.. holla


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