offline Yell0wStar Master  
Wednesday 18/05/2011, 01:59

1. Eyrik
2. Peeler
3. Haze
4. Copper
5. Chloe
6. Miss Chloe
7. Taham
8. Hawk

offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Wednesday 18/05/2011, 05:23

Remove eyrik & put in hugo this is an attack based deck not power, havok in place of chloe, neil in place of taham trust me and take my advice

offline 7th Lion Veteran Army of Elite Mercenaries
Friday 20/05/2011, 07:38

Nice idea,but u must anyway change some cards. Eyrik never.

Eyrik reduce opp. power -1 ,that mean if opp. card use 1+5 pillz, his attack is reduce -6 (with free pill always).
Hugo attack +6,that mean all your cards has same power and all your attack increase +6.
Difference between Hugo and Eyrik is that,Hugo doesnt have handicap and Eyrik yes,if opp. has power 5 so your Leader is 5* sh*t.

Ambre is in this always better. Maybe u dont apply +3 power on all your cards (only 2 cards from 4 thats enough),but if u use 1+5 pillz on courage card,your attack increases +18,coz of +3 power=6x3=18 attk.
Morphun is not better than ambre,coz u win 1 pill and that means,any of your cards increases attk +6,7,8 =your card power.

Use Ambre smiley

and Havok combo with Ambre is less pillz using. So Havok

offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Friday 20/05/2011, 12:52

Don't listen to 7, why? because you already have cards that give you a big ass power advantage, copper has 9 power (essentially), haze -3 opp power, and when you get havok -2 opp power. I reached 17 in survivor & was 9-0 in DM (T2) and some of the credit has to go to hugo if not for him i wouldn't have reached that far

offline Yell0wStar Master  
Friday 20/05/2011, 19:38

Okay i will test out the ambre and hugo but thank you for the advice both of you

offline Shook 0nes Veteran Evolution
Friday 20/05/2011, 23:47

Np anytime glad to be of assistance

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