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Wednesday 21/12/2011, 00:53

Two days to fight. No 5* or doubles. Five thousand prize but no entry fee. deleted challenges you - When the rules are subject to change, how do you measure up? deleted

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Wednesday 21/12/2011, 19:31

Join join join smiley

My enter key broke when posting this, so here's what the last bit of the post should have looked like:

-No doubles or 5* cards allowed!
-T2, nothing else barred (until enough people complain about *this* card, after which I'll ban it)
-No entrance fee!

Did I forget something? Oh, yeah...

-Scoring rules are subject to change! I'll post on the event when they do!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully thanks for joining too!

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Thursday 22/12/2011, 01:26

Clarification: So you know, scoring rules subject to change means that they will change. Like during the event.

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Sunday 25/12/2011, 00:15

Oooh, someone forgot to bump his post.

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Saturday 31/12/2011, 02:15

See above.

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