[EVENT] Trippie's Tourney

Monday 26/12/2011, 12:39

Trippie's Tourney

>> Will start in 2012 smiley

>> 100k minimum prize for 1st place

>> Multiple rounds

>> New, interesting twists on regular deck formats.

>> Other interesting stuff such as 'seeding' players to improve event quality.

>> Awesome event creator (subject to opinion)

Trippie's Tourney

Tuesday 27/12/2011, 08:01

Already 25+ participants, with each new one the prizes get bigger and bigger!!

Trippie's Tourney

>> Extremely high quality of players, join and play with the best! (subject to opinion)

Wednesday 28/12/2011, 07:03

35+ participants

Another 50k+ has already been added in prizes through some extremely generous donations from Sohmax. Join up and be a part of Trippie's Tourney ! (cheesiness comes with the event, be warned) smiley

Wednesday 28/12/2011, 18:09

40 players reached, I will probably close applications on New Years (whenever I get home smiley ) and do the admin work so we should have a start by the 3rd hopefully. Join while you can!

Friday 30/12/2011, 10:57

Nearly at 50 players, last couple of days to sign up! smiley


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