offline 0 Sanji (SL) Hero  
Tuesday 20/03/2012, 13:12

There are T2 decks that are built based on T1 deck plus one extra card
I know they are used for DT usually to get more battle points each battle
However, I have a doubt on it, is there any difference (in strategy) between these two kinds of decks?

offline Rainbow-Dash Senior  
Tuesday 20/03/2012, 20:40

No difference in play strategy, aside from they'll be facing higher star count decks (usually) to get more points from winning rounds.
If a level 2 card beats a level 5 card, the person controlling the level 2 card gains 5 points just for winning the round. If they win all the rounds= 20 points smiley, and if they somehow KO the other person after winning with all 2* vs 5*, then they get 40 points for a win :O.
Well that's the max effect, but yeah, usually just to face higher starred decks for more points, even if they lose.

offline 0 Sanji (SL) Hero  
Thursday 22/03/2012, 06:26

I have a brainstorm after reading your words
Thanks for your effort

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