offline Stukeley Imperator  
Saturday 16/06/2012, 12:51

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offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 16/06/2012, 19:52

Interesting deck. I would personally change Grudj to Akendram and Jeto to Jeena to give you some more - opp damage to go with the Freaks bonus.

offline DUC-j00p Imperator  
Monday 18/06/2012, 03:19

I would change Tuck , cuz if you get the Freaks bonus, it doesnt matter if u get your 5 dmg Tuck in or your 4 dmg Rico or even Jeto
mayby Tuck for Gretchen or Tuck for Jeena and Jeto for Craho

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