offline genegx9 Veteran ♚_€lіte Ҟing'ℤ_♚
Monday 30/07/2012, 21:04

Welcome to the ♚_€lіte Ҟing'ℤ_♚!!!

New members are welcomed to join our Guild. We are looking for active and mature players who plan to take their gaming experience to the next level.We are a fast growing English and Spanish speaking guild taking a interest in dominating both ELO and daily tournaments. We are not only looking for the Elite's among the Urban Rival's community but also looking for Fun, Active members that like to communicate with our fellow members.

♚♚♚To be admitted to the guild♚♚♚
♚♚ Green face (fair play) rating (RED face will be automatically denied)
♚♚ Level 10 or higher
♚♚ Our Guild Message boards are in English and Spanish!
♚♚ Be active at least once a week (We will start eliminating players who are inactive)
♚♚ You must also allow private messages, in order to keep communications open between players and admins.

If you think Your Elite Material your highly welcomed to join

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Monday 30/07/2012, 21:11

♚_€lіte Ҟing'ℤ_♚

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