offline Hoatzin Veteran War Party
Sunday 03/02/2013, 23:14


I know I may not have used many 'nukers' but there were some roots 3*'s that had to be used...

offline misterjones Titan Limit Break
Monday 04/02/2013, 02:34

Balance is all well and good, but, there's so little in the way of punch in your lineup that you'll have a tough time if you can't win 3 rounds. I'd switch out Nahi Cr for a 2* (Treeman/Flora/Jeto), as well as Onik for Flanagan. That leaves you with 2 extra stars to play with-- you could upgrade either Noodile or Rico to Gretchen and Jiro to Qubik (for a 22333444 setup), or upgrade one of those to a 5*.

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