Damage? Who cares

Saturday 23/04/2011, 10:39

Damage? Who cares

Problems with big damage? those annoying poison abilities? Generally annoying abilities?
Then give my deck a go
so far has given me 13 wins-first attempt!

Have successfully lost 3/4 rounds several rounds and won the game
yay for Ojibway/ Ector + 3 Dr's

Saturday 23/04/2011, 12:28

This is..

This is..

GREAT :shock:

With this many DRs, I'm assuming you can often just full pillz Ojibway on the first round and DRs won't let the enemy catch up?

But what about a hand of all DRs? Only Yookie has decent fighting capabilities, isn't that a problem?

I will try this later

Saturday 23/04/2011, 13:07

Why thank you

Hand of Dr's a problem?
I thought so too the Ulrich/Arno/Jeena/ Yookie hand isnt the greatest but it really depends on who u face with it
Ive scrimaged a few opp. with that hand but have also lost some...really does depend on clan ur facin....Freaks/ Jungo im kinda screwed but anythin ability-dependent and their stuffed anyway...suks to be Rescue/ Sakrohm vs that hand trust me....


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