offline All-GioYNWA Novice  
Sunday 12/12/2010, 14:36
Works well with SkrumxxT too (I reached 19 using him). Other leaders may be used too smiley

offline ZedMaster Senior TEAM CANADA
Sunday 02/01/2011, 18:38

Its ok but still....could use work.

offline yk-lyss Titan E X C A L I B U R
Monday 03/01/2011, 03:20

Ok? It's a great deck! Sylth and the rest of the jungos provide a life gap even when faced against damage reduction, which is all too common in survivor. Ongh brings the powerhouses of the bangers or ulu watu down to his size or below, and askai, paired with hugo is a great bluff and a huge attacker. The sakrohm provide their defense and the much needed attack manipulation with the lack of pillz in survivor. My only tip would be to replace hugo with morphun once you get down to 10 pillz. It is very hard to win with jungo with that small amount of pillz. Great job! smiley

offline All-GioYNWA Novice  
Friday 07/01/2011, 04:08

Ongh is great against Ambre too smiley he is a beast

offline mhoward_LoA Imperator  
Wednesday 26/01/2011, 05:36

Well, I thought it was a really nice deck too, the ZedMaster came in and completely shattered that illusion. I mean, he has so much experience, we both clearly have a lot to learn from him.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 26/01/2011, 14:38

Guru Cr ouch

this is an evil deck.

offline WingsOfCrows Senior  
Thursday 03/02/2011, 19:52

This deck is insane, I love it.

Also, a big thank you to mhoward, that comment made me laugh harddd.

offline E10din Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 04/02/2011, 05:44

That zedmaster, him and his insane survivor record. sure knows what he's talking about. btw amazing deck smiley guru cr is my dream card XD

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