offline suggsie baby Senior  
Thursday 03/02/2011, 01:31

I want to reach 20 in T2 survivor mode, i know this will take a lot of grinding away but im willing to put the time and the clintz into it. What i wanna know is what sort of deck is it that gets to the 15 - 20 level in survivor mode. Is it simply the realm of the giants where the big 4 stomp on the puny mortals or could i put together a deck to challenge them on a budget of say 500k ? If anyone's managed what i aim to do then id love for them to share their wisdom with me. Thankssmiley

offline Fanta Pants Guru TRiNiTY
Thursday 03/02/2011, 03:25

My opinion is yes it's possible is it easy probably not.
Have i gone that far no will i probably not.
Why becasue you oppoent just ahs to have 1 spil and you fall back down sure it's possible to do it without CR's but you have to play perfecty or you are screwed as for a deck

U need

6 other T2 type card

offline E10din Titan Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 03/02/2011, 03:28

42 survivor t2!!!!!!!
its a 42 win survivor deck XD

offline Everwild Hero TRiNiTY
Thursday 03/02/2011, 04:48


My deck usually gets some good results.

offline suggsie baby Senior  
Thursday 03/02/2011, 13:20

I'm amazed that people can get to 42 in survivor, that must have taken well over an hour of straight wins. I do actually prefer hugo as a pillz saver to morphun. especially with graks/uranus because your opponents are forced to pill against such strong dr. If there's no secret to it then i guess i might just have to carry on with trial and error then see what works for me. Thanks for the tips guys.smiley

offline suggsie baby Senior  
Thursday 03/02/2011, 19:05

The deck im going to use in my struggle will be deleted any ideas about the deck/ways to improve it are always appreciated smiley

offline Neon-chan Imperator  
Friday 04/02/2011, 14:09

I wouldn't go for Ambre..too obvious how the match will develop and she loses her edge in low pillz levels.

Imho Mophun or Hugo are the "go-to"-leaders.

Miss Cloe

made daily top 10 and top 3 with this deck allready

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