offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Friday 18/01/2008, 08:50

Only 1 prize the grand winner gets my entire collection including all Cr's.

free entry
25 star decks
no Rescue clan
no unevolved cards
no doubles
if its banned in Elo its banned in here (so no Jackie and Wee Lee etc)
best out of 5 wins the round
level 20 and up only
if you do not answer to your opponents msgs i will contact you if you dont reply to that you are out.
upon entering this tournament please state your timezone so that i can put you in an appropriate group.

win = 3
draw = 0.5
lose = -2 (minus)
change your name = -5 (minus)

only danger room battles
if you want to contribute cards feel free to do so
entries start immediately and ends the end of Feb.

Round 2 will be even more brutal...with a very surprising twist.
Special prizes awarded for dumbest plays, most interesting battles and great escape victories. so give me a break down of the fight if you think its worth it

keep you guys posted if any other rules pop up.

Have fun people - this is one for the books


offline guest999 Novice  
Friday 18/01/2008, 15:52

I am in!! smiley

offline 0 matmagic Guru Rage Against Unfairs
Friday 18/01/2008, 16:53

I participate

offline Fatlax Titan <=Chaos-Knights=>
Friday 18/01/2008, 17:04

I am in

offline Fatlax Titan <=Chaos-Knights=>
Friday 18/01/2008, 17:07

Im in
Time Zone : EST

offline RulzBreaker Guru Perfect Defect Effect
Friday 18/01/2008, 17:15

Count me in. Greatest tourament to date, well at least since i started playing.

offline cheese_14 Imperator  
Friday 18/01/2008, 17:51

Im in! ill post you my deck privately, youre cool for doing that, tiem zone: GMT (I live in england)

offline Buld Hero !!!The Guild of Winners!!!
Friday 18/01/2008, 18:53

I'm in. When does it starts?

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Friday 18/01/2008, 19:54

Count me in smiley
timezone: GMT (England)

offline phantomchris Veteran  
Friday 18/01/2008, 19:58

Im sooooo in!!!

offline phantomchris Veteran  
Friday 18/01/2008, 20:01

Time Zone: NZST (UTC+12)

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