offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 03/02/2008, 22:09

So the action's really heating up as most of our Pod 1s go into round 2 and Pod 2s are just beginning.

For Pod 2s: If you do not have a full pod of 8, only 1 player from that pod will go up to the final 4. If you have a full pod of 8 then 2 players will go up.

Also, anyone who has a Brazilian Opponent: There is a Festival going on in the early part of the week which will be keeping our Brazilian players very busy. Please be patient with them. If for some reason this creates a horrible schedule conflict, special arrangements can be made.

If for some reason you registered, paid, and I left you out, please notify me immediately. We had one DQ for failure to return the card in US Dailies Pod 2 and Monoclan Pod 2. This forced me to step in in Monoclan Pod 2 as a 6th. My deck has been chosen since before the Tournament so despite having "insider knowledge" rest assured I did not chose my clan to purposely screw with my Opponent.

That said Pairings for Round 2 (or Round 1 in some cases) are now up.

Pod 1: US Dailies.
Round 2

OUC_Pein vs Daexen WMD
Packerfan vs DreDre2010

Pod 2: US Dailies

CBM_Mostarda vs Kiooo_hs
Cel Mostrada vs Vanter
Sr Marinho vs gto0_hs

Pod 1
0Vman vs Phyllyp LOA
Captain Kronos vs Daexen WMD

8BA-LoA vs kiooo_hs
Vanter vs DMOC
Dummyuser vs LargeMargeLoA
Baron WMD vs gto0_HS

MonoClan US
Pod 1:
OET-Jade (Rescue) vs RG365 LoA (Rescue)
Broken Dreamz (GHIEST) vs Vanter (Uppers)


offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 03/02/2008, 23:26

Monoclan US Pod 2

0peter (Roots) vs Littlek WMD (Uppers)
CBM_MigGui (Junkz) vs dudubrazil (Rescue)
StormWhisper (GHIEST) vs LOA_Mighty (Uppers)

UK Dailies Pod 1:
Round 2:

gogalis vs cpb_martan
CBP_Fojtik vs Tanto89

Pod 2:
0 Gunvald vs Leon_TheDevil
1f kv raven vs Raynos

1-Pandaman vs ImDesigner
1VT-DarkEagle vs Raynos
CBP_Fojtik vs cpb_martan
Cheese_14 vs Orbnt

Disbanded due to lack of players. If you did not get paired and signed up for UK ELO please send me a card for a refund.

UK Monoclan Pod1

0 gunvald 0 (Junkz) vs Raynos (Junkz)
1VT Dark Eagle (Fang Pi Clang) vs 7-SOMER-EVOSB (Junkz)
1 kf raven (Rescue) vs cpb-martan (Rescue)
CBP_Fojtik (Rescue) vs orbnt (All Stars)

Due to lack of players Pod 2 was closed. If you signed up and did not get in, please contact me for a refund.

I notice our European players seem to prefer Junkz. Maybe they know something the rest of us don't smiley

Alright. Good Luck everyone, and winners report your scores to the address. DO NOT send them to my in game email. I get a ton of email every day and tournament scores can be lost.


offline LargeMargeLoA Titan  
Monday 04/02/2008, 00:02

I registered (late) and payed for both ELO and the dailies, but I only see my name for the ELO category. Do I have a bye, or was I forgotten?


offline Raynos Guru  
Monday 04/02/2008, 01:51

Im up againts raven? ._. ok thats 3k down the drain smiley

offline GtO_ Titan Fuzz„on
Monday 04/02/2008, 02:49

The daily is playing danger?with 25 stars?

offline CBM-MigGui Legend  
Monday 04/02/2008, 06:58

I paid for both ELO and monoclan but my name is just on monoclan...
and for single clan junkz, I just love it, no matter how strong it is =P

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Monday 04/02/2008, 10:41

@ Daexen WMD..just pm me..i only open on weekends or in this week(since there is chinese new year) from thursday to set the time..

offline CBM-MigGui Legend  
Monday 04/02/2008, 16:40

Another thing... in monoclan you're supposed to use 25 stars deck, no leaders and respect ELO ban? than why are there so many uppers decks, since uppers is banned this week?

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Monday 04/02/2008, 16:43

Hey, after I tried to build a junkz monoclan deck, I found out they are balance.. smiley
good deck, I don't even think using junkz.. smiley

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Monday 04/02/2008, 17:24

I lost.. smiley
he has a very good luck.. smiley
and he is very quite, it's not like other people that talking friendly after the match he just leave.. smiley
wow.. bad imppresion heh? smiley
anyway, good luck to CBP_Fojtik smiley

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