offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 10/02/2008, 20:16

A lot has happened this week, we've confirmed some of our Top 4 players from some of the events and they'll now be playing for prizes! Congratz to all our winners.

We also had some DQs this week. Some people failed to report their Monoclan picks, some attempted to cheat, and some people got themselves blacklisted so they couldn't complete their matches. If you get blacklisted for any reason you will be immediately DQed. If you are top 4 and get blacklisted you forfeit your prize and the 5th place player will move up into 4th, and everyone below you will move up one rank.


That is so vitally important, and knowledge I must have for pairings. Failure to do so may allow your opponent to take your place. This is mostly subject to me catching it in time. It's your responsibility to keep up with this, not mine. It's best just to do it when you report your wins.

Pairings for next week will follow. There is some holdup in some of the matches as some of the players got caught up in school work and contacted me informing of such. Since I am a firm believer that school work comes before games, (Well yes.. when I was 13, I didn't believe that either.. but that's neither here nor there), I've made allowances for that person to go one more week to try and challenge his opponent. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause the other players.


offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 10/02/2008, 21:09

And here they are:

US Dailies:

First a congratulations to the first pair of top 4 winners from the US Dailies, Packerfan and OUC_PEIN. They have guaranteed slots to go up to the World Daily Tournament Format. They will be playing for prize placing now.

Pod 1: Packerfan vs OUC_PEIN

This match is to determine who goes up for 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th in the prize slots.

Apologies to CMB-MigGui for HORRIBLY misspelling his handle last round.

Pod 2: CMB-MigGui vs LargeMargeLoA
Sr Marinho vs Vanter


Again I want to congratulate our Winners in Pod 1, Phyllyp LOA and Daexen WMD. They have slots reserved for them in the World ELO Tournament. They are playing for Prize Placement now.

Pod 1:

Phyllyp LOA vs Daexen WMD

Pod 2:

LargeMargeLoA vs 8BA-LoA
Vanter vs Baron WMD

US Monoclan Pod 1:

Delayed until Feb 17th.

Since I cannot DQ an entire pod (as tempting as it is)... I need the following people to contact me with their choices for next round. And no, you may not use the clans you picked last round even if you did not get a chance to play them. I will inform you of your status as you send me your clans as some of you are guaranteed slots. Some of you are playing for slot 3.

RG365 LoA
Broken Dreamz

Pod 2:

Littletk WMD (All Stars) vs dudubrazil_hs (All Stars)
LOA_Mighty (Rescue) vs Bye


offline Xadvid Master URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 10/02/2008, 21:29

GO OUC_PIEN!!!!!!smiley

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 10/02/2008, 21:33

Dailies UK

So we have our first two Top 4 players in UK Dailies! Congratulations to: gogalis and Tanto89!

Pod 1:
gogalis vs Tanto89

This is for determining prize placement.

cpb_martan vs CPB_Fotjik

playing for last top 4 slot.

Pod 2:

Since neither 0 Gunvald 0 nor Leon_TheDevil bothered to contact me with results, or even played each other it seems, they are both DQed. This leaves 1v kf Raven the sole member of Pod 2, which makes him the 3rd Top 4 from UK dailies, by Default.

Congratulations 1v kf Raven. You umm.. get a week off.


Pod 1:

Before I post these pairings let me say this. Because I am the sole and official judge of this tournament, I am allowed to make certain decisions. If I see that someone has made a near heroic effort to play their matches, and is unable due to circumstances beyond their control. I can and will award a win to them. I have had several cases like that in this tournament. Where one of the two opponents has come to me and said "I am having a hard time. Can you please make some arrangements for me?" I had made a decision to extend the players a week. Having observed what I feel as one of the two players being purposely difficult about the match-up, I have decided to award the win rather than make everyone wait a week.
Pairings are as follows.


offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 10/02/2008, 21:48

UK Monoclan

Pod 1:

1v kf Raven (GHEIST) vs Raynos (Rescue)
1VT-DarkEagle (Bangers) vs CBP_Fotjik (Bangers)

Congratulations, since there is no Pod 2, all 4 of you Advance to the Top 4 UK Monoclan
You will now be playing for Prizes.


offline JonelethStar Imperator UpperClass
Monday 11/02/2008, 01:15

Uhm where are the UK ELO pairings? smiley

oh and CBP_Fotjik, contact me plz, because I can't find you anywhere

offline cBp_Fojtik Colossus Czech Beer Power
Monday 11/02/2008, 10:36

I am CBP_Fojtik smiley
I am interested in UK ELO pairings too.

offline cBp_Fojtik Colossus Czech Beer Power
Monday 11/02/2008, 10:40

And there is some error in UK Daily Pod 1!!! I and cpb_martan are winners. We should fight for first and second place. gogalis and Tanto89 lost duels with us.

offline cheese_14 Imperator  
Monday 11/02/2008, 14:59

Thanks storm, you're a great guy smiley , i finally managed to finish the battle and have sent you the results via e-mail

offline ravvel Hero  
Monday 11/02/2008, 15:04

I don't think she is a great "guy" ... but she is a great admin smiley

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