offline TnT_blahblah Guru TRiNiTY
Monday 22/09/2008, 11:06

So Here's The DeaL....

iLL make This Very Simple For aLL the PLayers That Like To Participate in this Tournament...
Entry Fee 2k Clintz.. SeLL a Card to me For 50 Clintz iLL seLL it BAck to you for 2050 Clintz..
*i WiLL Not Participate in this tournament*

For Players that cannot seLL their cards privately... Just leave me a message in my inbox...
i wiLL just seLL a common card to you for 2k Clintz...

*i WiLL Make a List of aLL the PLayers that aLready Paid*

PLayers Needed... 32 to 64 players
Just as i Said... iLL Make This Tourny Very Simple...
Best Of 3 Battles *first to Win 2 Rounds*
Deck Format = type 1
ELO Banned Cards are aLLowed...
No Cr's
- You WiLL Battle your Opponent in Danger Zone -

Prizes - if 32 players wiLL participate....
1st = 30k Worth of Card/Cards *Winner's Choice*
2nd = 20k Worth of Card/Cards *winner's Choice*
3rd = 14k Worth of Card/Cards *Winners Choice*

prizes - if 64 players wiLL participate...
1st = 60k Worth of Card/Cards *Winner's Choice*
2nd = 40k Worth of Card/Cards *Winner's Choice*
3rd = 28k Worth of Card/Cards *Winners Choice*

i WiLL Start The Tournament As Soon As we reach 32 or 64 players...

More PLayers... Bigger Prizes... smiley
*iS Your Deck the BEst in CLint City?*

*Good Luck Everyone* smiley

offline winner mon Novice  
Monday 22/09/2008, 22:16

I would enter but that much clintz u should make the entry like 1k if u do ill enter

offline Oneiroi Senior Official PoxNora Guild
Tuesday 23/09/2008, 21:40

What the heck, im in. tell me when we're starting, or if it's off.

offline TNT VAMP Titan TRiNiTY
Tuesday 23/09/2008, 21:42

I am in

offline guolin Master Urban Allies
Tuesday 23/09/2008, 22:24

2k's too expensive, 500 is still expensive, considering I can buy way better cards with that money. And what's with the captial and small letters mixup?

offline TnT_blahblah Guru TRiNiTY
Wednesday 24/09/2008, 10:03

i have 10 players now on my list....

Just Leave a message here.. or just Pm me if you want to Join on this Tourny..
-Thanks smiley

offline URB4NKILL4 Master  
Wednesday 24/09/2008, 11:25

I am in dam right this is amazing
pm me when it starts plz

offline TnT_blahblah Guru TRiNiTY
Thursday 25/09/2008, 11:23

i already have 15 players now on my List...
im going to Post the List here when we reach 32 players...
then Lets Decide if we are going for 64 players or Start the Tournament with 32 players...

Just Leave a message here.. or just Pm me if you want to Join on this Tourny..
-Thanks smiley

offline URB4NKILL4 Master  
Thursday 25/09/2008, 11:44


offline slick_back Senior  
Friday 26/09/2008, 00:39

Im in...

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