offline Capn Clintz Titan  
Sunday 28/09/2008, 19:54

I recently sold some cards on the market and had either 6-7k clintz that I gained from it. I brought Hikiyousan and Neilie on the market. I went to buy some other cards and then it said my clintz were back to what I had before I sold any of the cards. I thought huh and went to my purchase history and it says:
Friday 05/09/08:
Rick Level 2 - bought from Tiburce1 - 560 Clintz.

Saturday 30/08/08:
Maamoon Level 2 - bought from cdg213UK_AOD - 50 Clintz. (Private)
Cassandra Level 5 - bought from cdg213UK_AOD - 100 Clintz. (Private)

Friday 29/08/08:
Ludmilla Level 1 - bought from gentjim - 590 Clintz.
Beetenka Level 1 - bought from Gailem - 870 Clintz.
Darth Level 1 - bought from gentjim - 390 Clintz.
Then went to my sales history and it says:
Ghoub Level 1 - sold to brankixa - 750 Clintz.
Sheitane Level 2 - sold to Karrel - 3 100 Clintz.
Nanook Level 1 - sold to rival_player - 1 100 Clintz.
Murray Level 1 - sold to Jirayasanin - 500 Clintz.
Murray Level 1 - sold to taal - 500 Clintz.
Dr Saw Level 1 - sold to Shadow_Slayer - 1 350 Clintz

Then my current sales don't even list I still have cards for sell and I would like to know is it lag in the server?

offline ZDF_Legend Novice   star
Sunday 28/09/2008, 21:01

Well the server is down there was a problem with the game rooms a couple mins. ago

offline calz XC Hero E X C A L I B U R
Monday 29/09/2008, 19:09

This has heppened to me aswell

all i have done is took all my sales of cos it doesnt givae you all the money sometimes

and i havent bought many cards

i hope this problem is solved soon

offline cammy-rules Senior  
Tuesday 30/09/2008, 15:08

No calzz.. its the money that the market takes 5%

offline guolin Master Urban Allies
Friday 03/10/2008, 00:14

YOu could have anonymouslized the names...

offline Simple0313 Novice  
Friday 03/10/2008, 00:37

You don't have to do that. Some people just prefer to do it

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Friday 03/10/2008, 01:21

Why is this in tourney and events?

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