Sunday 03/06/2007, 22:24

I would like to hold a tournament for all of the great people of UR. I have spent darn near $400+ on cards and have quite a few extras. Can anyone that has held a successful tournament give me a few pointers as to what I should to to hold a successful one? Even if you have not, Please drop your ideas and I will have a tournament up probably next week.

Monday 04/06/2007, 00:37

Plan your tournament formats for each round, how many players you are looking for and point system if any. Perhaps decide on the deck requirements, such as how many stars, how many level 5 cards allowed, or even one deck template for all participants. Don't forget your registration fee or inscription if any which can be pooled for the prizes as well. Those are the ones that come to mind and most important I think.smiley

Monday 04/06/2007, 05:09

Wrong forum i guesssmiley
You should post on strategy and tactics...smiley

Monday 04/06/2007, 05:11

Organizing a tournament may sound fun sometimes,i found some players try to insult me when i beat them especially br8smiley
anyway jericho is right,formulate the rules,deck,cards,limitation of stars and cr cards...and the prize smiley

Monday 04/06/2007, 09:56

Wrong forum? Well Sven, this is the tournament forum so it should belong here.smiley

jericho78, just noticing the spellchecker function

Monday 04/06/2007, 20:34

So that means tha anione of us can make a tournament?


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