Tuesday 22/01/2008, 22:45

I am willing to translate the game to slovene, but i dont Know how.
But i am totaly for the translation in as many languages as possible.
I myself can do the slovene (Slovenia)

Any Admin can help??

Or anyone??

Wednesday 23/01/2008, 17:42

I really need help, i want Urban Rivals to be translated to all Languages!!!!!

Wednesday 23/01/2008, 22:08

Don't double post... only the admins can translate the page... all you can do is translate for people who want to post on the board using slovene.

Thursday 24/01/2008, 00:28

You should send a mail to the adminstration or Urban Rivals to sse if they are interested in the idea. However, they usually take ancients players for these kind of jobs (since you must be a moderator).
We can't help you for that, it's the administration choice smiley

Thursday 24/01/2008, 16:25

I have sent a message to a moderator. Slovenia's highest lvl person is 35.
Why not us, level 20's?


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