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Tuesday 28/08/2007, 11:10

Greetings to everyone!it´s my pleasure to announce this friendly tournament that will reward the winner with miss twice,and the runner up with page,booth,soon to be CR smiley

Everyone that wishes to join should:
-Send me a card(any card) at 50 clintz,wich will be returned to the player at 1550 clintz
-Send me the description of the deck that will be used (once you choose your deck,it can only be change at the end of the groups phase)

-All tournament matches should be played at the danger zone(just an advice)
-Once the groups are made,every player receive a private message reporting his group opponents deck
-The tournament will be divided into group phase,and afterwards,knockout rounds.During the G.phase only the 1st and 2nd go on to the next phase.During the G.phase scores will follow this: victory =3 pts,draw =1pt,defeat = will always play your opponents twice.
-The battle results are to be sent to me in private messages

-no more than 25 stars
-no doubles allowed
-Crs allowed

to ensure more balanced decks and raise the level of competivity,the following cards will be banned - Charlie,Jackie,Lamar,Graksmxxt,Tanaereva,Kenny,Vickie

If your opponent breaks the rules by using cards that weren´t in his submitted deck,you should printscreen,and send it to me.the cheating player will receive 0pts,and you get 3pts

well...that´s all for now. smiley

offline XC 1984 Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 05/09/2007, 12:17

Im pretty sure i sent mine

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Wednesday 05/09/2007, 14:33

Yes...don´t worry i know who has sent and who hasn´t...and i´m really sorry for the delay.i apreciate the fair play of you all,for waiting a couple of days for your opponents to send their decks smiley i believe that tomorow we can start this thing...if they don´t have their deck by then...they will be out of the tournament smiley

offline - james19_UM Guru  
Wednesday 05/09/2007, 15:26

Hell yeah!!! hmmmn...
goodluck to all ov us....
gg to all!!!

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