offline 0 Sapo Veteran  
Thursday 06/09/2007, 03:34

It´s time go time here!!! smiley
Before we start...i was wondering about the prizes,and as i don´t want to see any sad faces smiley,there will be prizes for everyone...not as good as the first,but´s better than nothing smiley

ThE GrOuPs:

Group A:
*3dom Fighter

Group B:
*1f-warr kid

Group C:

Group D:

(The D Group only has 4 players due to one of the players overoveroverdelaying the sending of his deck description)

New Prizes List

1ºMiss Twice Cr , 2º Page Cr, 3rd Zatman, 4th Uxoh, 5th Striker , 6th Zdrone,7th Don, 8th Estalt, 9th Fifty, 10th Sai San, 11th Burguer,12th Gwen, 13th Miranda, 14th Platoona, 15th Phonos, 16th Crystal, 17th Beetenka, 18th Mona,19th Amiral Py

The remainig information will be sent to all of the players in private msg

Good Luck to you all smiley smiley

offline - james19_UM Guru  
Wednesday 12/09/2007, 04:07

Oh... im sorry hellvodka... i tot its "race to two"..smiley
sorry my fault...smiley

offline 0 Sapo Veteran  
Thursday 13/09/2007, 02:37

Jomicas...cjchris...3dom fighter...lifeless.... it´s with sadness that i announce kilermaster retirement from the tourney due to health related issues,that have confined him to an hospital bed smiley the remaining players of the group should just keep on playing but don´t challenge him cause he won´t fight.....smiley smiley smiley

We wish well kilermaster

offline XC 1984 Titan E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 15/09/2007, 09:01

How do u post the history of the macthes

offline Obey Giant Titan  
Monday 17/09/2007, 07:41

I contacted James 19 but he didnt get back to me and none of the other players in my group aswell smiley

offline lifeless Veteran ELITE NATION
Monday 17/09/2007, 08:14

I messaged poeople in my group majority of them didn't reply only two did,one I've already versed the other that replied I didn't get time to.... was busy on the weekend. i suggested a battle.XD

offline XC 1984 Titan E X C A L I B U R
Monday 17/09/2007, 17:33

Well i fought gutman i drew the first and lost the second but don't know how to get the history of the macthes.

offline lol 78 Novice  
Monday 17/09/2007, 20:41

Go on your profile page and where it says your overall wins under there should be a link sayin 'see my battle history'

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Tuesday 18/09/2007, 04:53

I have played warr kidd, james said we were gona play but keeps wanting to change the date and the rest i didnt get a respond

offline Obey Giant Titan  
Tuesday 18/09/2007, 06:22

Today at 08:20 drew with james19_NN (3-3) - you received : 9 points and 3 clintz
Today at 08:14 crushed james19_NN (12-0) - you received : 24 points and 9 clintz
Today at 08:10 beat james19_NN (9-0) - you received : 22 points and 7 clintz

now can someone please give me *Black_bird's account id cause i dont know what black bird is in this tourny

offline lifeless Veteran ELITE NATION
Tuesday 18/09/2007, 11:11


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