Tournement earlier

Sunday 11/11/2007, 15:32

Jake27 with 33 battle 30 win level 9 won the tournement with more than 500 battle pointsmileysmileynow that is what i called something fishy

Sunday 18/11/2007, 04:45

I'm was lvl 12 and came 10th

Tuesday 25/12/2007, 23:09

I won a tournament im level 11 because of the cards i used from purchasing new blood

Tuesday 25/12/2007, 23:29

Most wins come from the lower level brackets. Thats perfectly normal, I got #3 with a mismatched deck as a lvl 11. smiley

Wednesday 26/12/2007, 02:09

At lvl 9 ithink i won a turney.. so yeah

Wednesday 26/12/2007, 03:17

I know,,,, i'm lvl 27 n i came in in 127 haha na bro is cuz they don't have the same competition in those lower lvl rooms as they do in the rooms with higher player lvls,,,, is cuz there's a few players that purchase credits right away n so they get good cards n they have an advatage with everyone elsesmiley

Wednesday 26/12/2007, 07:31

Sorry Pein but I think this topic may get out of hand. Moderator please close this.

Wednesday 26/12/2007, 15:36

Lolz..jade just close this thread..smiley no need to be sorry..smiley
i don't want this to get out of hand either..just look at the date..smiley


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