offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 24/01/2008, 18:09

Urban Rivals is proud to present our International Championship tournament! Can you climb your way to the top 4 of your nation to play it out against the top four from the UK, France, Moroco, Italy, Belguim, Spain, US, and Canada?

Entry Fee: 3000 Clintz.

The top four of each country will receive:

1st : 50% of the entry fees + 50 000 clints + 1 cr
2nd 30% of entry fees +1 cr
3rd 20% of the entry fees + 1 cr
4th A ticket into the finals.

You have 3 options to enter which must be specified on entry. You may enter into all 3 formats but it will cost you 3k for each format you enter.

Monoclan with No leaders (fights will take place in the Danger Zone.) 25 Stars, ELO Rules/Bans apply.
Daily Tournament Style (All cards are open.)

Each style will have 4 winners (So 12 from each country will be going up).

The Grand Prize is as follows:
2 millions clints + 3 Guru Cr+ 10 other cr+ The total Entry fees.

MILLIONS of Clintz to be earned and as an Added bonus everyone who enters gets a special prize. (Only one per player you can't get 3 by entering all 3 tournament styles).

The contest will be Single Elimination, best 2 out of 3 with random pairings. (Rules to follow).

All Entry Fees will be paid to me after you register (subject to change).

See rules for how to enter.

I will be handling both the US and the UK.

offline FantasyFan007 Imperator  
Tuesday 29/01/2008, 22:23

Do i use the username or player ID to report the win? and where would i find my opponents ID?

offline M0hamed Hero TRiNiTY
Tuesday 29/01/2008, 22:52

How do I apply

offline Vanter Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 30/01/2008, 01:56

Chato - I know very little Italian (actually it's closer to ziltch), but I think that I found the what you were looking for.

Italian Registration Link:

If the link does not work just go to the Italian message board and click on "Tornei ed eventi". Look for a post from 1F-AlteoS which is titled, "Campionati del Mondo di Urban Rival". This should be what you want. Best of luck.
1. Click on the Italian flag, went to

offline M0hamed Hero TRiNiTY
Wednesday 30/01/2008, 16:15


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