offline 7-Redge-7 Novice ®Seven-Team®
Thursday 24/01/2008, 19:12

Urban-Rivals World championship will start soon!
Eight countries will clash for the title: France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Morocco, the United-States, the United Kingdom and Canada!
Three modes of play will be proposed:
1. The Elo mode (with the rules which is essential on it)
2. Monoclan (only one clan without double or leader)
3. Daily tournament mode (based on the total number of points and not on the number of victories)
The registration fees are of 3000 clints for each mode (thus 9000 for the three) the player represents one country, obviously. If it does not appear among the eights mentioned, you are free to choose which one you want to represent.
There will be two phases for this tournament: qualifications by country where four representatives will be selected for each mode (the same player can be selected in several categories). Thus, there will be a total of 32 participants in the finales of each mode.
And then individual and team phases
The of the tournament jackpots starts with 2,000,000 clintz, 3 Guru Cr, 10 others Collectors (CR) and the registration fees.
For the qualifications phase of the three modes, the distribution of the prizes will be done as follows:
The first of each mode: 50% of the registration fees, 50 000 clintz and 1 CR
The second of each mode: 30% of the registration fees and 1 CR
The third of each mode: 20% of the registration fees and 1 CR
The fourth of each mode: A place in the final and the chance to win a jackpot

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 26/01/2008, 19:46

Yes. While it seems Redge copy/pasted most of my rules smiley (I don't mind. If I could have stolen the rules I would have too smiley )
The format is slightly different from mine. I did state this would happen. However. If I catch any US Players or UK players in Redge's tournament, there will be consequences. Same with doubling up. If you're in my tournament and Redge's you'll be DQed from both, even if you're in different events.

And we will know when the pairings come out. There will be multiple account checks as well.


offline 7-Redge-7 Novice ®Seven-Team®
Saturday 26/01/2008, 20:13

Well storm your rules were nicely done so I just took most of them smiley
I ask of all players in my tournament to change their flag for the canadian flag (if they are from some other country) so this should not happen. We can still exchange the player's ID to compare

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Sunday 27/01/2008, 08:52


cant wait! Good luck all!

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 27/01/2008, 19:06

Hee hee. It's ok Redge. I don't mind. It keeps things mostly consistent between everyone smiley


offline jeremy_neyland Novice  
Monday 28/01/2008, 06:23

Hi my name is jeremy_neyland

offline -Chato- Titan  
Tuesday 29/01/2008, 20:23

Im wirting this in both Us and canada registration but i looked and found neither the french nor spanish nor italian registration subject.... Could someone tell me where they are?

offline 7-Redge-7 Novice ®Seven-Team®
Wednesday 30/01/2008, 03:49

The french registration is on the french board so I guess the others reistrations posts are on their respective board (just switch langage on the main page)

offline GtO_ Titan Fuzz¥on
Friday 01/02/2008, 15:04

I and my friend (KiOoOo_HS) changed the flag for Canada ... would like to know what we do now.
The KiOoOo_HS can not send messages why is blacklisted....

offline 7-Redge-7 Novice ®Seven-Team®
Friday 01/02/2008, 19:45

Sorry, but the registration ended yesterday, the tournament will start today.

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Friday 01/02/2008, 23:52

Dailies tournament

Two fights against every opponents of your group
The to players must send me the report of the battle with the number of battle points
The first two players of each group will enter a second round for the ranking
The ranking fot the two rounds is based on the battle points and not on the number of victories.

players :

Group 1 :

PA-Dream (ID: 211 910)
Deedjy (ID: 1 179 803)
O Prophet-cr (ID: 225 449)

Group 2:

Dark assault (ID: 360 761)
PA-grosfou (ID: 72 146)

both PA-Dream and Deedjy when i search them to add as friend to communicate comes up as:No item to display

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