offline SinisterDexter Hero  
Thursday 31/01/2008, 16:10

Hi, I have a couple of questions, maybe a more experienced player can answer.

1. The scoring bonus for a KO with pillz left doesnt seem to work sometimes. I play a Kolos/Morphun deck and KO'd an opponent with 8 pillz left. That should be +16 to my score just for the pillz, not to mention the KO bonus etc, but my total score for the fight was only 14. What gives?

2. How do people rack up 300+ point in an hour. On a roll, winning all my fights pretty quickly and scoring pretty well I can get over 200. I cant figure out where I could add 100 or so more points to that. Is there some tactic that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can clear any if this up for me =)

offline ravvel Hero  
Thursday 31/01/2008, 16:22

For question 1. In the bottom of the "play" page you can see some notes regarding various rooms.
for the tournament rooms this note is mentioned:

"Take note that in this room, during all daily tournaments, the number of bonus points awarded for a character levelling up will be limited to 0 pts, KO bonus are also limited to 2 pts. Finally, everybody must be visible during a tournament."

so during tournaments the ko bonus is limited to 2, that means that it's no use to save more than 1 pill during daily tournaments.

For question number 2 I'm sure that many of the experienced daily tournaments players will give you some good advice.
I can't say I'm an expert in daily tournaments as I'm mostly an ELO player.

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 31/01/2008, 16:51

Read the excact winning tables

From the Rules:
Victory :
In Urban Rivals, a high level player may play with a team of small characters whereas a player with a much lower level may play with a team of very powerful characters.
Thus, the amount of points awarded to the winner of the fight is not related to the levels of each players, but only depend of the levels of the cards he/she was using.
The formula is very simple. The number of points awarded to the winner is equal to 25 minus the sum of the levels of the 4 characters in your team (showed by the yellow stars).
Example: a player with a team of four level 5 characters will receive 5 points for a win, another one with a team of four level 1 will receive 21 points, and a player with a team including one level 5, two level 3 and one level 4 would receive 10 points.

Lost : 3 Points
Draw : 4 Points
Your opponent quits : 4 Points
You quit : -20 Points

if you use kolos and win in the first round you will got only bonus 1 points because yo beat your opp. so OHKO is not good when you are playing daily tournament

offline von Hohenheim Senior  
Thursday 31/01/2008, 18:09

OHKOs are good in tournies cause you win faster.

e.g. you spend 1min for a OHKO and get 13 points.
you spend 4 min for a normal win and get 25 points.

you do the maths.

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 31/01/2008, 21:39

I think it's pointless getting 13 points in one minutes, bacause if you take 1 minute longer,I can get 22.
when I get 22 points, you still trying to find your opp, and hoping for your Kolos or kinjo came out.
and don't forget you opp will trying to block your OHKO cards. and it will takes longer than usual when you trying so hard to win using OHKO, but your opp smart enough to block every sigle move to use you your OHKO cards.
it's not do your math again, but prove it, that's why I don't like OHKO cards except in ELO.

offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Thursday 31/01/2008, 23:11

Tanto how do you manage 22 pts in one game? you just said in the post above that 4 lvl 1 cards will get 21 pts, so how are you getting 22? do you play with three 1*s and an amazing non existant 0*?lol

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 31/01/2008, 23:38

Don't forget to read the exact winning tables..

the formula is Rubie + Mona. not one hit KO, but KO in two rounds.
I usually got cards in hand: Mona, Prince Jr, Samantha, and Rubie (lol, I don't mind a bad draw.. smiley )
If I can win using this deck, I got 15 points. BUT don;t forget about pillz bonus, and battle points won by round based.
E.g: If I use rubie (level 3) and win against level 5 Gary, I will get extra 5 points.

and If you calculate it, maximum I got if they use 2 cards level 4,
and I win KO using Rubie, and Mona (+Fury) = 4 points*2 = 8
if I have 1 pillz left = 2 points

so I will get 15 + 8 + 2 = 25 points
sometimes I got 29 if I played a little bit longer.. lol..

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Friday 01/02/2008, 00:49

smiley For number two its easy play with a strong but low level deck I can get around 25-30 a match with a good low level deck best way to do i is with a monodeck full of low level rescue cards. Its hard to explane but try it out and your see

offline SinisterDexter Hero  
Friday 01/02/2008, 16:08

Gah... I play Nightmare/Gheist... I admit Rescue are the most annoying opponents to deal with, but I try my best to shut them down... Maybe I need to put together a Rescue deck and see how it scores.

offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Saturday 02/02/2008, 02:16

NOOO!!!! Do not be tempted Dexter. Don't go to the dark side of horribly easy play. Stay strong and take it to those Rescue players. lol

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