Thursday 06/03/2008, 10:17

This is a great we are able to determine whether we are buying 0xp cards or already used ones..smiley

great work UR,nice improvement..smiley

and more power to you guys..smiley

Thursday 06/03/2008, 10:35

Wow, I've got to say, I love this updatesmiley well done to the UR Staff

Thursday 06/03/2008, 11:41

Great update smiley no more almost lvl 2 gwens getting sold as 0xp gwens

Thursday 06/03/2008, 13:01

Yes..and we can now buy cards just the way we like it..or how we would love them to look like..smiley

Thursday 06/03/2008, 21:36

Cool no more getting away with 0xp

Thursday 06/03/2008, 23:41

Yes... its a good addition seeing that some players tend to misled people by putting an almost levelled up card in the market place and make it look like they are 0 xp

Friday 07/03/2008, 02:01

It would be better if there´s an exp bar showing the % of exp,ex:1025/1300.

Friday 07/03/2008, 18:47

Yea well,,, i'm still hoping that one day they'll make a chart graphing the card's value over time,,, u know? like a stock market,,,, eh,,, i probly just made myself look stupid,,, but watever,,, n also,,,, why does it matter if a card is 0exp or 10 exp?,,, same difference no?smiley

Friday 07/03/2008, 20:05

because so many people use unmaxxed Pussycats (especially Gwen level 1) and some times, people after use it, they don't use it until she level up and sell it, but when she almost level up, they sell it so it's look like a new card.
people want to use it, but they can only use it once because it almost level up

Saturday 08/03/2008, 18:55

It does mean the prices on the cards don't line up anymore which makes them harder to read. I would prefer it if the xp area were a fixed width so everything lines up. Otherwise, it's very good.


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