Monday 10/03/2008, 04:28

The top four for each event has been decided. All of these people will of course go on to the World Championship.

Congratz to all our winners!


1st: Vanter - 74000 Clintz and an A Award Cr.
2nd: Daexen WMD - 14,400 Clintz and a Jim Cr.
3rd: LargeMarge LoA - 9,600 and a Beltran Cr.
4th: Phyllyp LoA

US Monoclan

1st: Littletk WMD - 71,000 and an A Award Cr.
2nd: Vanter - 12,600 and a Jim Cr
3rd: 0ET-Jade - 8,400 and a Beltran Cr
4th: RG365 LoA

US Dailies

1st: OUC_Pein - 74000 and an A Award Cr
2nd: LargeMarge LoA - 14,400 and a Jim Cr
3rd: Packerfan 007 - 9600 and a Beltran Cr
4th: Vanter

1st: 1-Pandaman - 62000 and an A Award Cr
2nd: Cheese_14 - 7200 and a Jim Cr
3rd: 1VT-DarkEagle - 4800 and a Beltran Cr
4th: CBP-Fojtik

UK Monoclan

1st: 1VT-DarkEagle - 62000 and an A Award Cr
2nd: Raynos - 7200 and a Jim Cr
3rd: CBP-Fojtik - 4800 and a Beltran Cr
4th: 1f-Vt-Raven

UK Dailies

1st: 1f-KV-Raven - 68000 and a A Award Cr
2nd: Tanto89 - 10800 and a Jim Cr
3rd: Gogalis - 7200 and a Beltran Cr
4th: CBP-Fojtik

And there we have our winners. Anyone who hasn't yet claimed their Clintz Prize sell me a card for the appropriate amount (+50 if you want your card back).

If you won a CR and I haven't issued it yet, please contact me (through my ingame mailbox).

And that's it for me. Until World Championships, all our winners get a break.


Wednesday 12/03/2008, 16:02

Right so who am i fighting? pt Shining or some itlaian guy

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 16:38

Drawing a player from france and italy is a Nightmare....smiley
...and we gotta play Italy in the Team part of the World Tournament...smiley

Im apparently captain for the team part....any suggestions as to the order? Anyone want to try Angelo? Help? smiley

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 18:34

Unfortunately it is your battle Pandaman. If anyone, you can do it. smiley

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 18:59

Actually....i can do what bivi said in peins #4 of italy smiley
nah but seriously, we need to find the best matchups that give the best results..... smiley
err....guys....who dyu want to play....i dno how good darkeagle is....?

me beat Angelo? haha, well at least i'll learn from a ive done against him is 2 draws...only ever played him twice.
Hes got a stinking Lyse Teria Cr.....smiley hmm anti-Bangers/Montana deck....smiley

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 19:50

Cbd fotjik & DAEXENWMD

please contact me and add me as friend so we can do our fights ive searched for you both and can not find you with names provided thanks!

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 21:45

Does this mean I'm the captain for UK monoclan? and a member of UK ELO team? if so well contact me smiley

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 21:48

@ fojtik, darkeagle and me if u want any deck help or such....smiley

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 22:22

One problem, I havent seen Raynos in like a week, if he can't play for the monoclan teampart who will play?

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 23:20

@ USA daily tourny me..smiley we need to do some arrangement about the order we play..and if anyone have extra Lyse Teria Cr may i lend it? smiley

Thursday 13/03/2008, 00:37

Same for the UK Monoclan team, get in touch with me smiley


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