offline ravvel Hero  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 12:19

As a result of the qualifiers besides the main solo event we have to play in a team event, as member of the UK team I made this post in order to organize ourselves, I will write here the rules for this encounter, translated from the french forum.

first of all here is the list of the uk team, with the captains (the first in their events)


1st: 1-Pandaman - captain
2nd: Cheese_14
3rd: 1VT-DarkEagle
4th: CBP-Fojtik

UK Monoclan

1st: 1VT-DarkEagle - captain
2nd: Raynos
3rd: CBP-Fojtik
4th: 1f-kv-Raven

UK Dailies

1st: 1f-KV-Raven - captain
2nd: Tanto89
3rd: Gogalis
4th: CBP-Fojtik

the captains of the italian teams, which the english captains will have to contact:

ELO : 1f-angelo

Monoclan : Eye-daviuss

DT : 1F-AlteoS

Here are the rules for this part of the tournament:

Mode SURVIVOR - the captains will decide the order in their team. Member 1 of UK plays with member 1 of Italy, if he defeats him he goes to the second etc until he loses. when all of the members of a team are eliminated the round ends.

the captains will have to talk to the captains of the other team and send the results to admin Bigbivi

I ask all members of the uk team to communicate here, for DT format I will decide the order in which we will play but for the 2 other events the captains will have to let us know here and also communicate with the italians.

offline ravvel Hero  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 12:30

Here are the rules for the specific events, which apply also in the individual tournament:

For the individual tournament the results are sent to bigbivi and for the team tournament the results will be sent by the captains

Monoclan: deck monoclan, no doubles, 3 rounds to win (if I understood correctly)

ELO: games played in Danger Zone, the rules of an elo deck but the clan banned that week is allowed to avoid the players waiting for a specific week (if I understood correctly)

Daily Tournaments format : deck containing a maximum of 28 stars, no doubles, 3 games - only 3 games - the thing that matters are the POINTS not the victories a player can qualify just fine winning only 1 game out of 3 if he has more points.

offline ravvel Hero  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 12:31

For DT format here is the list I've decided:

member 1: CBP-Fojtik
member 2:Gogalis
member 3: 1f - kv raven
member 4: tanto 89

If any of the members have any ideas feel free to talk here.
so the first match will be between fojtik and the first member decided by team captain Italy for DT: 1f - Alteos

offline ravvel Hero  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 12:50

I recommend for the US team to make a similar subject and organize themselves for the team event against Spain

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 13/03/2008, 13:00

But.. I think the captain against captain, and you can decide the others?

offline ravvel Hero  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 14:10

The captain decides the order of the players in the team - being the first in the qualifications for DT format I will decide the order of our team and the 2 other UK captains have to decide their order.

let's give an example of how this works, I'll name the UK players: UK1, 2, 3, 4 and Italy 1, 2 , 3, 4

so UK1 plays Italy1, if UK1 wins he goes on and plays Italy 2, let's say he wins against him too - then he goes and plays against Italy 3, if Italy 3 defeats UK 1 then UK 2 takes his place, if he is also defeated than UK 3 plays etc. until the final player of a team or the other it's defeated

it's not that complicated, in theory one good player can defeat all of the opposing team and the rest don't even have to play.

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 13/03/2008, 14:18

So.. you mean I'm the trump card?
well sure I don't mind, the pressure is belong to me.. smiley
this is about player's mental. last member is the one that you think can save all of us from losing..
or maybe if you want you can put the weakest one, so they don't have to fight (so.. is that mean I'm the weakest? smiley )
and don't forget, the last member has bigger pressure rather than second or third player.

offline ravvel Hero  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 14:28

Relax, there isn't any pressure, it's just fun smiley I'm sure we are all equal players and we all have the same chances against them smiley

anyway, I hope the other members of the teams will organize themselves too and finish this job against the italians smiley

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 13/03/2008, 15:13

Well, but that's strategy too.. smiley
sometimes strategy like this can save us. (well. at least even if we lose, there is no regret.)
you already contact them?

offline jesses Senior  
Thursday 13/03/2008, 16:25

W ITALIA smiley

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