Friday 14/03/2008, 20:56

The fights from Clint City become more bloodiest .Sentinel and Rescue barely can face the battles against G.H.E.I.S.T. ,Nightmare and others villains teams even they have powerful allies.But from nowhere,over the night,
no one knowing from were they come,a new team appeared.They are the Fantastic Team!!!!

I hope you liked the intro of Fantastic Team but they are not real.fantastic Team is a series of 10 Urban Rivals custom cards made by me using characters from Fantastic Four.

You can see them at this link
and if you want you can use them as avatar.
I hope is not a problem if i made and post them but this is just fan art.
Critics and opinions are welcome and i hope you like my custom cards and the Fantastic Team

Friday 14/03/2008, 21:47

You're missing the Invisible Girl............

Friday 14/03/2008, 22:22

Nah Ryuk, she is there. She is invisible after all.

Friday 14/03/2008, 22:32

Real nice but they are as overpowering as Keep up the good work.

Friday 14/03/2008, 22:34

A very nice work, Nefram. Like a pro. smiley

Friday 14/03/2008, 22:46

I didn't miss her.i used instead of Invisible Girl or Women her real name Storm.

Friday 14/03/2008, 23:18

I like them

Friday 14/03/2008, 23:56

I thought Storm was from X-Men.......... she has white hair like Storm from X-Men

Saturday 15/03/2008, 00:14

Ye I thought the same as Ryuk. she even has lightning in the back.

Saturday 15/03/2008, 00:24

That's cool! smiley
but I think the rarity Mark (at the top), kinda different and make it old fashioned


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