Sunday 11/05/2008, 16:21

So i am doing a lottery...not something huge but kinda nice...!
you need to buy at list one ticket to participate!
one ticket= 200
5 tickets= 900
10 tickets= 1900
20 tickets= 3700
sell me a card (any card) for 50 clintz and i will sell it to you back for "???" depended on how much tickets you want to buy...

the prizes:
First place- Ambre
Second place- Bridget
Third place- Hugo

must sold 30 tickets at list for begin this.... joining is untill the 19.5.08 (next week)
any questions in private messages please...

Good luck for everyone!smiley

Sunday 11/05/2008, 22:22

The prizes are less expensive than the tickets?smileysmiley

Monday 12/05/2008, 01:48

Yeah, no one is gonna join for those prizes

Monday 12/05/2008, 01:57 can buy Ambre for 4k...hahahaha

Monday 12/05/2008, 12:26

What if i buy 5 tickets just before the deadline? i can win all the cards smiley?

Monday 12/05/2008, 13:35

No... after the deadline it is over...

Thursday 15/05/2008, 14:24

Please close this mods...


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