Wednesday 14/05/2008, 23:23

Welcome to my First Lottery!
1 ticket=100 clintz
5 tickets=500 clintz
10 tickets=1000 clintz
20 tickets=2000 clintz
25 tickets=2500 clintz.
If you want more Post or PM me how many tickets you want and You sell me a card for 50 and I will send it back for the amount of clintz for the Tickets.(I don't Need my Montanas so I'm doing this.)
1.You can get as many Tickets you want.
2.READ FIRST and then Post because it might get confusing.
3:Have Fun
4.Drawing will be on May 20th.
5.Rosa will be the only Prize so please don't argue.
People who can't Follow these rules and got tickets,will lose there tickets.
Again May 20 will be the lottery.
Good Luck!smiley

Thursday 15/05/2008, 00:58

Sorry the drawing will be on May 20

Thursday 15/05/2008, 22:01

I'll by one ticket but I can't sell so could you just sell me a bad card for some amount of clintz

Friday 16/05/2008, 14:43

Ill take 1 tickit smiley

Friday 16/05/2008, 21:55

Ok Anyone else?

Saturday 17/05/2008, 05:36

Ill take 1 tiket

Saturday 17/05/2008, 09:47

I`ll buy 10 tickets


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