offline RHINO94 Senior  
Thursday 15/05/2008, 22:59

One ticket costs 500 clintz
Five tickets cost 2,200
Ten tickets cost 4,000
Winner gets a fully leveled Kenny (R)
I will have my best friend pick a ticket out of a hat
This will start once 40 tickets have been bought and at least five people have bought tickets
sell me a card (any card) for 50 clintz and i will sell it to you back for "???" depended on how much tickets you want to buy

To prove I have Kenny I will Put him in a
preset called Night-time on May 15

offline UP_LilKiller Veteran The Unseen Prodigies
Friday 16/05/2008, 13:48

Hey this looks exactly like mine i wonder????????smiley
I don't care whether anybody copys my threadsmiley

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Clint City, day.