offline Ryuk Imperator  
Saturday 17/05/2008, 21:49

I have an extra Kenny, he is fully leveled and I shall lottery him off.

1 Ticket - 750 clintz
5 Tickets- 3500 clintz
10 Tickets- 6750 clintz

Note no one person can buy more than 10 tickets
There will be a minimum of 30 tickets sold and a maximum of 40 so buy them while they're hot. This way there's a better chance of winning the card.

And if all 40 are sold or close to it then depending on how much excess clintz there I have I will sell consolation prizes to all those that lost.

So post tell me how many tickets you would like to purchase, and send me a crap card for 50 clintz and I'll sell you it back for the designated amount.

The drawing will happen after all tickets are purchased or on May 24th (in a week)

If there aren't enough tickets purchased by then, then I shall refund everybody that has participated, though I am sure that enough tickets will be bought because its Kenny and here is a good chance to get him for a lower price

offline cubbison Senior  
Saturday 17/05/2008, 22:24

Sounds good, I'll buy 5 tickets, I am a free player so far though, so can you sell me a crap card and I'll pay for the tickets and the price of that card. But before you do that legitimacy always comes into play on these lottery things so can you just prove that you own a Kenny?

offline tai no sora Novice  
Sunday 18/05/2008, 01:35

To prove his kenny
try to see his preset mobsters from hell

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