offline 0UC_Supa_Fast Titan  
Wednesday 21/05/2008, 21:30

*Prize - GLORG(0xp)
*Ticket Price - 50 Clintz( At least 50 Tickets Sold Minimum)
*Picking - June 1st, 2008
*Only Buy Tickets if you have purchased Credits from Shop*

offline 0UC_Supa_Fast Titan  
Thursday 22/05/2008, 01:45

Refunds will be given out if there is less then 45 tickets sold

offline armyman6231991 Senior  
Thursday 22/05/2008, 03:19

You had me going to signup at first! but the fact that people need to spend real life money (or long hours credit hunting) to get the card makes this one a no go most likely.

offline 0UC_Supa_Fast Titan  
Thursday 22/05/2008, 11:00

The only to pay is to purchase credits

offline power rangers5 Senior  
Thursday 22/05/2008, 14:35

Ill pay

offline DK_Hellz Hero  
Thursday 22/05/2008, 15:08

What the most amount of tickets you can buy?

offline Monsterlord Hero  
Thursday 22/05/2008, 17:15

I'll take one smiley

Yes, I'm cheap smiley

offline Capn Clintz Imperator  
Thursday 22/05/2008, 18:51

Well you don't need to have brought credits. You could sell them a larry or something for market value+ ticket(s) value.

offline Ninja-zero Legend  
Thursday 22/05/2008, 22:12

I'm in

offline 0UC_Supa_Fast Titan  
Friday 23/05/2008, 00:44

True if you haven't bought credits then i will sell you a card with the ticket value added to the normal price of card.... No Max tickets so buy as much as you desire

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