Lottery for Graksmxxt

Monday 02/06/2008, 15:01

Prize: GraksmxxT

Ticket price 500 clintz

You can buy only 1 ticket.

There are only 15 tickets.

This is very good because there is big chance to win because other lotterys have 300 or more players in and than your chance to win a card is very small.

I make only ~3k(or less) out of this. If you think thats to much don't post.

If you buying ticket pay me now. Don't worry this isn't scam.

How to pay???

Send me card for 50 clintz and i send it back you for 550 clintz. I send you card back how fast i can.

Monday 02/06/2008, 17:13

I'm in check your PS

Tuesday 03/06/2008, 05:42

Im in as well
check ur PS

Tuesday 03/06/2008, 08:04

I havent bought any credit yet
could u help me first?

Tuesday 03/06/2008, 08:17

14 tickets left.

Tuesday 03/06/2008, 08:19

I mean there are 14 tickets.

Tuesday 03/06/2008, 12:47

Only 13 tickets more smiley

Tuesday 03/06/2008, 13:02

I am in. Send me a bad card for 550 clintz more then market price.

Tuesday 03/06/2008, 13:05

I`m in

Tuesday 03/06/2008, 13:28

Only 11 tickets. B0B_K_SHADOW pays when we sold all tickets. GO GO GO. Join lottery and say you friends/players in your clan about this. Good chance win ~6k worth card. Whit paying only 500 clintz for ticket.


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