X29 Kolos Lottery!

Wednesday 11/06/2008, 19:53

For proof that I have 29 Kolos, look in my sales... ^^

Now, the best part... XD

Grand prize - 15 Kolos
Second prize - 9 Kolos
Third Prize - 6 Kolos

The levels of the Kolos you win will be random... ^^ (2 level 1 Kolos, 3 level 2, etc.)

Of course, the lottery numbers will be picked by a moderator when I find one because of this current rigging problem... ^^

I will compile a list to show everybody as we go... ^^

Only 3500 each ticket! For the worst prize being 6 Kolos, this is a great oppurtnity if you win! ^^ I will send YOU a card for 3550, you buy it, and return it to ME for 50... ^^ This will only be collected when all 150 tickets are sold... ^^

You are only allowed 10 tickets MAX... ^^

This has been made as fair as possible I believe because

-A mod is picking the numbers
-I'm compiling a list as we go
-I'm showing off my 29 Kolos in my sales XD
-I will only collect money when all the tickets are sold
-There is a ticket limit

Thanks for your time! ^^

Thursday 12/06/2008, 06:27

Bump? ^^

Thursday 12/06/2008, 08:28

I'm in area
maybe you should jack up the price a bit more (on market)
some crazy guy might be crazy and midly rich enough to buy ur cardes

Thursday 12/06/2008, 09:04

The prize is actually good... but sadly, the entry fee is just very high. :bored:

Thursday 12/06/2008, 09:10

If this crazy guy buys its better to him because he buy Kolos again and make profit out of that XD

Thursday 12/06/2008, 10:13

Lottery value:30*14000=420000
- card selling(5%) 26000
so your profit is 80000 :O
it is very much, isnt it?

Thursday 12/06/2008, 14:33

The entery price is too high no one will join to this...

Thursday 12/06/2008, 19:02

I would join but if u lower the price a bit and can u also tell e on which mod would be pulling the numbers for u

Friday 13/06/2008, 05:00

Ryder: Ok... ^^

1. Ryder

Breakpoint: Let me rethink everything... XD

Pikacu: Actually I'm trying to get rid of all my Kolos... ^^

Double D: Kolos was 13 000 the day I made this... XD

TDDP: Rethinking...

DMOC: Rethinking, and I think I'll find a mod when this is almost full... ^^

And about the high entry fee, it will take 4 tickets to match the price of only 1 Kolos, where 6 Kolos is the lowest amount... So it is like a bigger lottery... XD BUT I'm rethinking everything, I'll post the new things soon... ^^

Friday 13/06/2008, 05:10

K ryder II: Sorry, i forgot to respond to this... ^^ I'm too lazy and it's too risky to make kolo's price any higher... XD


And now that I think about it, should I really change the ticket prices? As I said before, 4 tickets equals only 1 Kolos, so it is pretty fair... ^^ As for the 80k profit, you actually didn't consider the large taxes for 3500 and if you buy multiple tickets (7000, 10500, big taxes...)...


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