offline Gumbo123 Guru  
Wednesday 11/06/2008, 19:53

For proof that I have 29 Kolos, look in my sales... smiley

Now, the best part... XD

Grand prize - 15 Kolos
Second prize - 9 Kolos
Third Prize - 6 Kolos

The levels of the Kolos you win will be random... smiley (2 level 1 Kolos, 3 level 2, etc.)

Of course, the lottery numbers will be picked by a moderator when I find one because of this current rigging problem... smiley

I will compile a list to show everybody as we go... smiley

Only 3500 each ticket! For the worst prize being 6 Kolos, this is a great oppurtnity if you win! smiley I will send YOU a card for 3550, you buy it, and return it to ME for 50... smiley This will only be collected when all 150 tickets are sold... smiley

You are only allowed 10 tickets MAX... smiley

This has been made as fair as possible I believe because

-A mod is picking the numbers
-I'm compiling a list as we go
-I'm showing off my 29 Kolos in my sales XD
-I will only collect money when all the tickets are sold
-There is a ticket limit

Thanks for your time! smiley

offline Gumbo123 Guru  
Thursday 12/06/2008, 06:27

Bump? smiley

offline 0UC K-Ryder Master  
Thursday 12/06/2008, 08:28

I'm in area
maybe you should jack up the price a bit more (on market)
some crazy guy might be crazy and midly rich enough to buy ur cardes

offline breakpoint Hero  
Thursday 12/06/2008, 09:04

The prize is actually good... but sadly, the entry fee is just very high. smiley

offline Confirm Veteran  
Thursday 12/06/2008, 09:10

If this crazy guy buys its better to him because he buy kolos again and make profit out of that XD

offline D0UBL3D Master  
Thursday 12/06/2008, 10:13

Lottery value:30*14000=420000
- card selling(5%) 26000
so your profit is 80000 :O
it is very much, isnt it?

offline TDDP Imperator  
Thursday 12/06/2008, 14:33

The entery price is too high no one will join to this...

offline DMOC Imperator  
Thursday 12/06/2008, 19:02

I would join but if u lower the price a bit and can u also tell e on which mod would be pulling the numbers for u

offline Gumbo123 Guru  
Friday 13/06/2008, 05:00

Ryder: Ok... smiley

1. Ryder

Breakpoint: Let me rethink everything... XD

Pikacu: Actually I'm trying to get rid of all my Kolos... smiley

Double D: Kolos was 13 000 the day I made this... XD

TDDP: Rethinking...

DMOC: Rethinking, and I think I'll find a mod when this is almost full... smiley

And about the high entry fee, it will take 4 tickets to match the price of only 1 Kolos, where 6 Kolos is the lowest amount... So it is like a bigger lottery... XD BUT I'm rethinking everything, I'll post the new things soon... smiley

offline Gumbo123 Guru  
Friday 13/06/2008, 05:10

K ryder II: Sorry, i forgot to respond to this... smiley I'm too lazy and it's too risky to make kolo's price any higher... XD


And now that I think about it, should I really change the ticket prices? As I said before, 4 tickets equals only 1 Kolos, so it is pretty fair... smiley As for the 80k profit, you actually didn't consider the large taxes for 3500 and if you buy multiple tickets (7000, 10500, big taxes...)...

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