Friday 02/02/2007, 07:28

Here is the first round
kv nivroth vs drew
kv Raven vs gusbert
jericho vs isahia
finga vs allochtoon
kv jagas vs supremo
ravnica vs racso
kv karkus vs kv braker
o-jp vs kv saaa
The ones who wins 3 times are going to the next round, and all the cards that i receive as fee will be distribute as pricemoney
for the first 3 ( plus 6000, 3000 , 2000)

Sunday 04/02/2007, 06:16

Well, even if I won against Jericho. He'll have to play instead of me in the quarter-finals as I won't be able to continue in this tourney.

Be careful of him participants! He's good but makes some silly mistakes resulting in him losing the match. All the best Jericho, Sending you some Configs for this tourney (hope it'll help). Hope you'll put up a good fight.

All the best everyone. Cya all later (in 2 months! LoL). Till then...

... Gg ... always.

Sunday 04/02/2007, 07:40

Angelo, i am so sorry to say it, but it seems obvious why there are not any tournaments on the english forum... i couldn't imagine this lack of attitude... people dont seem really interested , plus the fact with the timezones... i believed that this would be an explosive subject, but... it seems not.. i am sorry for having disturbed you , insisting to do a tournament like this. now i will shut up forever concerning this thing. there shouldnt be any tournament, because people are not interested at all... or, the most part of them... from hundreds of players... just 16 persons, and more than a half of them remained silent after subscription... that's that. congrats for organising it, but it seems it's not worth the effort smiley

Sunday 04/02/2007, 07:41

Anyway, i'm still waiting for drew till wednesday.

Sunday 04/02/2007, 12:42

Bro, please dont be too sad and discouraged about this, yeah alot of people didnt participate, but what the hell! Were just here to have fun, anyways, thats the same in my current guild, been trying to make a Guild Tournament willing to give away free cards but none of them are interested, well i hope that changes soon as the game will grow into something bigger like MTG online.

But again, thanks Angelo for making a tournament, lets do it again next month, i bet the buzz will reach more people in time since this is a start,

Anyways, Ggs and hope you get that reply nivroth!

Sunday 04/02/2007, 13:44 narrowly escaped from K9 Gusbert (8-6) - you received : 17 points and 5 clintz narrowly escaped from K9 Gusbert (9-7) - you received : 18 points and 5 clintz were annihilated by K9 Gusbert (0-11) - you received : 7 points and 2 clintz lost against K9 Gusbert (0-5) - you received : 5 points and 2 clintz beat K9 Gusbert (5-0) - you received : 16 points and 7 clintz

3-2 for me,, i thought he had me, but i guess a little elo experience saved me in the end, great game, great player smiley

Sunday 04/02/2007, 14:33

Come on nivroth... relax, the french tournaments are the same thing... they last for weeks, but it's a little more action because there are many more tournaments and many more players... let's not forget most of the players are french, anyway I hope more english-speaking players will get interested in this kind of unoficial tournaments.

Sunday 04/02/2007, 15:06

Your a king so dont be discouraged, GG, Hope you get your reply

Sunday 04/02/2007, 16:24

Angelo-can i get a new opp,mine does not reply at all...i've been waiting like forever...smiley

Sunday 04/02/2007, 17:57 crushed Drew1 (12-0) - you received : 1 points and 1 clintz beat Drew1 (8-0) (the man had timeout because of the connection, but i would have won anyway, ko with lamar 8 pillz against reine 6 pillz) lost against Drew1 (0-5) - you received : 1 points and 1 clintz beat Drew1 (4-0) - you received : 21 points and 7 clintz beat Drew1 (6-0) - you received : 22 points and 7 clintz

so, 4-1 for me. drew, you were a very good player.... i'm sure that (as in raven's case) the ELO experience made the difference.. so brother drew, start playing elo and you'll smash some ass for sure smiley

Sunday 04/02/2007, 18:04

You were annihilated by KV NIVROTHevo (0-12) - you received : 1 points and 1 clintz beat KV NIVROTHevo (5-0) - you received : 1 points and 1 clintz lost against KV NIVROTHevo (0-4) - you received : 8 points and 2 clintz lost against KV NIVROTHevo (0-6) - you received : 6 points and 2 clintz

Oh well I lost 4-1 (I lost connection on one game, where i would off lost anyway). Great player Nivroth, enjoyed the lesson!!

Great idea Angelo, would love to play in the next one you organise and will spread the word in my guild.


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