Wednesday 14/02/2007, 19:25

Hi everone im doing a tourament up to 10 players
when there is ten i will decide who plays who
1st prize is a free Uranus 2nd maybe a new card im buying
3rd nothing but if u want to take part just say can i play

soo any players and im not in it soo ehos up for it

Friday 16/02/2007, 07:33

all in
jerchio vs nate dogg
o jp pi vs dead finga k9
kv Raven vs a bheb43

Friday 16/02/2007, 07:35

Kingdomofheart vs o8ks
o jp nn vs clintydudevo

one more player

Friday 16/02/2007, 09:09

Harvstar dude 0-JP NN and 0-JP PI is the same person lol both accounts cant be in

Friday 16/02/2007, 11:54

Kingdomofheart.. send me a message when youre free to battle.... smiley

Friday 16/02/2007, 12:50

Wow 0-JP was rite 08KS is hot lol

Friday 16/02/2007, 13:06

Ok, before i fight Dead_Finga K9, which account of mine will you allow to join this tournament?
It seems that there is a flaw in your statement about:

Sorry all of u are in clintydudevos tourament soo go out of that one if u want to join mine

dead_finga k9, kv Raven, jericho78 are also a part of clintydudevo's tournament... does this mean that they forfeit their matches in your tournament? smiley

Friday 16/02/2007, 13:46

In your tournament, only 0-JP PI will play, Dead_Finga K9 did have a good point that I should only have one account entered in this tournament.
GGs! smiley

Friday 16/02/2007, 14:36

It's any place left? if it is, I'll join

Friday 16/02/2007, 15:33

Can i still play???? Valentines was so sweet i got distracted from playing.

Friday 16/02/2007, 16:43

O jp nn/pi when can we play our 3 matches


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