offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 11:04

After the wars passed, in particular the war of the clans which was terrible and devastator. And with the wire of the tournament, much sought to build the ultimate deck in order to embank their adversaries very. Some had found techniques very advanced and developed of the considered decks and particularly effective. But when would it be if everyone were on the same equal footing, would not see us, it true capacity of the players? It is the question which many warrior put, "and if I held his capacity, would have I to me as faculty to embank my adversaries.....ou is this in my spirit as the secrecy of the victory"
will know it to You while taking part in the ROYAL BATTLE 8 "Master Of Game".

offline ravvel Hero  
Tuesday 27/03/2007, 09:40

In order to participate in this tournament you have to send a personal message to C-Mac Leod specifying the entry fee you wish to pay, afterwards mac leod will sell you a card for that amount. you'll have to sell back that card for 50

offline UP FAST EVO Titan  
Tuesday 27/03/2007, 18:06

I am a senior too.
Do you want to be defeated by me...??? smileysmileysmileysmiley

offline EVO Varkolak Imperator Dynasty of Lost Souls
Thursday 29/03/2007, 03:09

I've already sent him a message so i'm in

offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Thursday 29/03/2007, 16:19

What is the minimum entry fee?

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Thursday 29/03/2007, 22:56

Read inscriptionsmiley

offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Friday 30/03/2007, 06:23

Without a private message to Mac Leod your inscription will NOT be validated!!!

offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Friday 30/03/2007, 06:26

Oh yes , and this will be the most important tournament ever created, so there will be lots of strong players .....but everibody has his chance to win it while the deck is the same for everybody....

offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Friday 30/03/2007, 07:01

Hello, there are now 126 participants, and here those until I always the payment waits or who did not return the perso that I put to them for their payment are:

2bf-amsingo 0V
Kv MayDay EVO
DL pimplune
6sims_Hajiwon will
1Fujiwara EVO

It is a player will not be inscritsi it did not give their setting or did not return the charts before 31th March at midnight.

offline DANYez Imperator  
Friday 30/03/2007, 16:54

But,but i have pay you 1000 clintz and i`m not in the tourament whysmileysmiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Friday 30/03/2007, 17:25

Lets get it onsmiley

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