Monday 02/04/2007, 16:54

Group A
0DW Raist EVO

group B
Nate Dogg EVO
KV Huz

group C
K9 Gusbert
KV Karkus EVO
Clintydude PI

group D
Kv Saaaaaa ev
69- JP

good luck everybody

Monday 23/04/2007, 09:58

I have no idea. For my group, no reply from KVALovin91EVO at all and don't see him anywhere at anytime. I've played KV Huz and Nate Dogg said he'll play in during the weekends. So weekend's over and I didn't see him nor did I receive a reply. And I do agree with Raven, players should only join when they know they can make it and if they are serious about it.smiley

Monday 23/04/2007, 22:56

I see this is going nowhere, I'll post the matches for the next phase, between the players who had enough respect for the others and for themselves to at least try to complete this tournament.

jericho - ashe (6SIMS-SVENEVO)
braker - raist

best out of 9, so the first to win 5 matches is qualified for the final.

the maximum number of stars in the deck changes to 17 and for the final to 14
no doubles
no cr
unevolved cards are allowed

Tuesday 24/04/2007, 01:38

17 Stars? OMG, that's low....LOL Ok time to do some tweaking. Wait a minute! I don't have unevolved cards....arrgh to the market!smiley

Tuesday 24/04/2007, 10:22

W00.t raist is my opponent in final...I SMELL IT MATEsmiley

Wednesday 25/04/2007, 06:02

Oh no you don't smiley

Wednesday 25/04/2007, 18:46

Wtf so u just fortfiet on my behalf no no no but do wat u want next time make the groups in to the closest time zones cuz when im on till 2am in my time he is sleepin so do wateva. this tourny is wack

Wednesday 25/04/2007, 21:41

Nate dogg, you were in this group

Nate Dogg EVO - South Africa +2GMT
EVO-Jericho78 - Malaysia +8GMT
KV Huz - Romania +2GMT
KVALovin91EVO - Romania +2GMT

I have a little info for you: Romania and South Africa are in EXACTLY the same timezone, different hemispheres, different seasons and stuff... but the same hour. and with jericho you have a 6 hours time difference, not such a huge one.

Trust me I would have loved to see more of you really playing in tournaments not just forgeting to play after the inscription phase, but that's it, i'm done trying to organize tournaments.

P.S. (nate dogg) try to keep the forum within the decent language boundaries.

Wednesday 25/04/2007, 22:22

Thanks for making this torny
and good luck for the last players

Thursday 26/04/2007, 09:03

Hey Raven...i guess im not a creator of this tournament but can you make a match between nate dogg vs gusbert? smiley

Thursday 26/04/2007, 14:35

Damn this tourny sounds hot grrr why didnt i enter smiley anyway good luck brosmiley you know who you are

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