Sven and 0cr-Warrkid

Wednesday 16/05/2007, 07:00

Intro:People signing up on the tournament should be able to be active and a trusworthy that they are really joining the tournament
-no cr(except sun/soleil cards)
-no doubles
-30 stars of the deck(soon wil degrade but were still thinking)
-some clans will be ban<img src=ork:" />
-any level 5 card that costs about 2000 and up(so no Eyrton and Gary:smirk:)
-2000 clintz
-i will also try add some clintz/cards to the pot too

Please give the inscription to 0cr-warrkid,pm him.....and post here if you like to join:thumbsup:

Good game to all:blush:

Wednesday 23/05/2007, 12:32

Lol...and Jericho and CBp_Fojtik

Thanks Sven :thumbsup:

Wednesday 23/05/2007, 16:12

So when the tourament will start aproximative...Because in Romania comes the big vacantion and from the next month on 15 i think i will be gone for 2 weeks...:-|

Thursday 24/05/2007, 05:45

It starts on Monday 3M-KLL3R-EVO

Thursday 24/05/2007, 14:00

Cool but what clans will be banned the list with the groups ETC. when will be published?

Thursday 24/05/2007, 17:22

Cmon man im thinking not to ban anymore^__^

Friday 25/05/2007, 02:16

No bans? OMG, we will be seeing some obscene super killer decks!!!! LOL I know, because I have them.^__^<img src=irate:" />

Friday 25/05/2007, 13:51

Ok watch this space people the matches will be posted by Sven :shock::*::thumbsup:

Saturday 26/05/2007, 00:23

Wheneveryou guys are ready ill buy a 2000 worth Globumm just sell me it.

Saturday 26/05/2007, 00:51

I just inscription to sven.

Saturday 26/05/2007, 11:20

So far so good 13 players(including me will join:smile:)


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