offline Tyberriuss Senior Spirit
Thursday 10/08/2006, 13:20

I was thinking of a tournament in wich everyone can chalange and fight everyone and everyone can fight u and the loser of each match gets kicked out of the tournament. By logic, the tournament will resume to 2 people who will fight for the grand prize
a battle royale tournament to say so

and there should be somke rules like: hwoever turns down more tnah 3 challanges is out or whoever times out ( once )gets kicked out

offline 1800492 Novice  
Thursday 10/08/2006, 14:06

I agree it would be more fun.

offline Tyberriuss Senior Spirit
Thursday 10/08/2006, 16:04

Sry for the writhing... i was hurring

offline 69ShawRace81 Colossus City Of The Gods
Thursday 10/08/2006, 16:07

I like that idea

offline JewelOfTheSea Veteran  
Thursday 10/08/2006, 23:58

That sounds like it would be fun

offline NN-K_Jun Imperator NASTY NOYP!
Thursday 10/08/2006, 23:59

Fun AND challenging. I like it.

offline Tyberriuss Senior Spirit
Friday 11/08/2006, 15:57

So? is there any chance of it being implemented?

offline Ragedoll Senior The Warriors
Saturday 12/08/2006, 18:56

Sounds great i hate when people leave the batt;e half way through

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Sunday 27/08/2006, 03:14

Right now it would have to be coordinated via the third party site. Elimination has been built into the score keeping and is possible.

offline maori boy Master  
Monday 11/09/2006, 03:28

Yeah that sounds all rite ill be down for that tournament

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