offline 0 SpeeD Master  
Sunday 28/10/2007, 15:07

Check this out.. id_player=974750, a level 8 player who tops in this earlier tournament.. take note that he/she can sell cards so i think someone owns this account and it is his/her 2nd account or so.. kindly look at this situation i think someone just broke rule # 1.

offline megamexican Novice  
Monday 29/10/2007, 01:45

He should have bought credit starting playing and he sold the cards taht he got and they he bought a same clan cards
you should foollow him in order to know if it is a multiple account and if he stops playing in level 12 or somthing like that.

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Tuesday 30/10/2007, 08:06

Well..I saw his file..saw nothing wrong..he is now level 10 with 1073 battle points..645 fights including 182 wins..he's old enough to have maxed cards and even good cards to be able to top a tourney..

offline i amPOWERFUL Senior  
Wednesday 31/10/2007, 02:52

1 - bernardrapid from guild CN Player with 597 battle points won 6440 Clintz + 1 Crédit.(i wonder how he won it..he is a level 12 with just 13 CHARACTERS!)

offline esvetlicinii Novice  
Friday 02/11/2007, 08:43

OK people...Don't you get it?When you fight higher lvl players you get more battle points.With an account at lvl 6-7 when you fight a player around lvl 10 and win you get around 40-50 battle points.The last's possible that he fought about 15-17 battles in the tourney and if you think it over it's not impossible for a low-level player to win.It is even easyer for them to win smiley and if the player is a multy account one smiley then he'll get banned cuz for example he has bought his cards from the same person again and again.The admins ban those people smiley

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Friday 02/11/2007, 12:47

Mmm I didn't know the level thing... So the higher level I am the lesser chances I have winning a daily tournament?! I don't actually need credits, I need cr's, but well it's not fair.

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Friday 02/11/2007, 13:10

You are wrong Hunterkiller..that's not how things work..a low level card beating a higher level card would give you extra points..a knock out would give you extra points..but not by fighting higher level doesn't matter if someone fights a high level player or a low level player because that doesn't give anyone the extra should check your facts again before posting here to avoid confusion among people..

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Friday 02/11/2007, 14:12

I think its not the level how many points you get youst watch the rules its the stars of the card if you play with low star deck you make more points somtimes if i win with 4 5 stars i got 9 points or win with one hit ko be lost hog between 10 and 15 points
i thing its only the deck luck and randomnes

offline esvetlicinii Novice  
Friday 02/11/2007, 14:37

I don't think it's unfair because when you're higher lvl,you meet less noobs and less inactive players.When you're lvl 1-10 you get to meet something like 2-6 noobs per tourney smiley however I wish there was the thing that when you lvlup a card you gain more exp but that doesn't work...

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