A question

Friday 02/11/2007, 08:50

Wouldn't it be nice if there was another UR server made for another country and so on.So it could start with just the basic cards and cr dates would be changed.Or could start with the cards that are now available.It would be good if it is possible.And I'm sure that a lot of people would agree to help making the new server and looking after it.So it wouldn't be much trouble for the admins in this UR.

Friday 02/11/2007, 13:51

So like a fresh start for UR?

Friday 02/11/2007, 19:39

Yeah.With different starting decks and so on.There will be other admins and this will allow the ones here to have a little more rest and so on,since newbie players will join the other server.Probably some more experienced players will join too.But that's only if they agree to do another server.I would gladly help if this happens.

Friday 02/11/2007, 20:49

Sounds awesome

Wednesday 07/11/2007, 00:47

Ye sounds like a good idea to me too , as new players that join the game can never catch up on the ones that play this game for months ...


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