Would anyone be interested....

Tuesday 26/02/2008, 01:20

In me sponsoring a tournament consisting of 20 players... ELO rules... with an entry fee of 1000 clintz a person and some really good prizes including the entry fee being distibuted amongst the winners and some good rares.?

Tuesday 26/02/2008, 04:25

20 players, no... 16 players or 32, maybe.

Tuesday 26/02/2008, 06:45

Why can't you sponser the tournament?

Tuesday 26/02/2008, 07:29

I'm iterested, hope you get ll the good players to join. smiley

Tuesday 26/02/2008, 15:39

Ok i'm setting rules and regulations... 32 players... hopefully if not, then we'll drop it to 16 by random draft and those that paid will get a refund smiley

Tuesday 26/02/2008, 17:25

Delete this topic please smiley


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