offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Tuesday 08/04/2008, 09:45

Is it just me, or does it seem that almost every week of ELO there is at least one guild which has more than one player winning Crs? Looking back it seems to me that the collector cards are awarded to players from certain guilds and doesn't seem completely "random" I've looked back a bit in the boards and not found anything about this recently. I was just wondering what everyone else thought about this, being that there have been something like 2 Americans to win Crs in ELO within the last year or so (LittleTK got Aldebaran Cr and soliuz got Kiki Cr) Maybe there just aren't enough players in the top 100 ELO but to me, it seems that even at that, players from the same guilds shouldn't be getting the cards so frequently. Even in the last 6 or 7 weeks I've looked at, Rage Against Unfairs had only 1 week without winning a Cr. To me that seems extremely unlikely. Even if each of their players was in the Top 100 ELO their guild would still only have a 16/100 chance of getting a collector card from ELO, yet they've had 7 collector cards WON in the last 10 weeks. That means, somehow, the "random" picked a Rage Against Unfairs member 7% of the time in the last 10 weeks. Somehow, to me, that doesn't seem random at all.


offline 0 black lotus Colossus  
Tuesday 08/04/2008, 13:06

Lol, i never win and i'm in the RAU team, it's a joke...

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Tuesday 08/04/2008, 13:42

Yep, it is a 1 in 10 chance, so if you're lucky, and you're in the top 100, you could get a Cr...
top 100 is what now? 1350 ELO minimum?
i think it's just Ironic, Rage Against Unfairs smiley
certain people choose to devote a lot of time to winning ELO battles.
Some people have extraordinary luck, you cannot blame a game for somebody having high luck.

Also, since there are more French and European players(the ratio, i'm not sure of, but probably getting smaller)
it's easier for French players especially to get higher ELO scores, as there are more players with high scores to begin with, it isn't a struggle to find opponents

Sven or is it RogueKnight?, how many Cr cards have you gained in your time here?
at such a young age too...

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Tuesday 08/04/2008, 15:16

Taking out those 100th for 10 crs,
When the time has 25th's rankings,i never gaved up just to get a place,made many many times, striver to get on to the top,but just one day receive almost like 10 messages saying,"Congratulations,Felicitations.....and now that i only won armanda cr i am very happy in my life,expect the pro's,Angelo,Raven,Drone,Haji and almost many other french guys won many because they strive harder,think harder just to reach one goal - TOP 25smiley

There will be and i know there will be a time,for a player to each his ultimate goal and it is to strive harder.Fame plays a huge factor on this game,taking out 1st-25th places,I guess i can bow to yousmiley

Though Ages can't count,Age doesn't matter at all,Look at Little Tk were at same age,I also know much more younger than me making it into the rankings,though i haven't learned french at all,can't continue good conversationssmiley

offline seattle7997 Titan  
Tuesday 08/04/2008, 15:44

I can definitely see a bias toward the blue white and red, and I've only been playing UR for a little over a month.

offline B0WSER Colossus Rage Against Unfairs
Tuesday 08/04/2008, 15:47

I am of the Rage Against Unfairs . I missed some top 100, 50, 25 . And I have just one win Map Collector: A Cr Award. And I was not even at the "Rage Against Unfairs" when I won!

Players of "Rage Against Unfairs" are players who are all (or nearly all) in the top 25 or 100.50, so they have more chance to win this mathematical ...

It is an alliance of players who intended to bring together the best players french elo.

Sorry for my bad English. smiley

offline KeroelDiablo Hero  
Tuesday 08/04/2008, 16:55

We know, our players are very lucky but... Some players, free exemple : D4RK-L0RD. Aldebaran CR was his first win in elo...
We're not Cheaters..
We've got too much players in the top 50, we're 5 or 6 in a weak...

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Tuesday 08/04/2008, 19:14

I think we have forgotten the topic its not why does only RAU win its why is it that it always seems to be the same guilds winning there are other players in the top 100 and 25 from other guilds and nations. But it seems this random system favors some guilds more then others.Making this Random factor a little questionable

Its not who can hit harder or has fame its the fact that people can be in the top 100 and 25 over and over but it seems that they never win anything because of there FLAG or guild.

This is one fact why I can care less for ELO I play DT because I know even if I loss I get some money and a credit. Maybe they can add a system that players that have already won Cr. in the top 25 have less of a chance to win then the people that have never won a Cr. so more people could win and if the top 25 if full of players that have already one there on even grounds to win again.

offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Tuesday 08/04/2008, 23:18

"1 Collector card(s) for 10 random players from the ELO Tournament Top "

That is copied and pasted from the site's ELO rules. So being in the Top 25, 50, 75 or whatever, SHOULDN'T give you a better chance at winning a collector card. If rank has an affect on your chances, IT ISN'T RANDOM and should be stated in the rules. Ranking in ELO anywhere above 100 should just affect the amount of clintz you get from the jackpot.

offline chasmflip Imperator  
Wednesday 09/04/2008, 00:10

I agree ryuk; I realy hope its as random as they say and not a moderator/admin giving favors..
sadly im probably gonna make an alt/change my country banner
everyone hates americans. flame on? which is the kind of thing not allowed here..

offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Wednesday 09/04/2008, 01:23

For some reason my other post wasn't accepted, but in it I said that this IS NOT to flame RAU. I admire VERY MUCH their success in ELO and in NO WAY think they are cheating. I'm just calling into question the supposed "random" of ELO collector card awards.

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