offline 1357fallon Novice  
Wednesday 09/04/2008, 19:58

U sell me any card 4 50 clintz

everyone will recive something for partiupating (50 clintz)
4place will recive 500 clintz
3rd 1000clintz
2nd 2000clintz
and the grandprize is 10 000 clintz or a chad breed cr 0xp

if u win 4th place 3rd place 2nd place or 1st place sell me the card of the vaule of your rank (were u come)
eg sell colin to me for 500 clintz if u come 4th and i will buy leaving u more wealthere
players that dont come 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th will be refuned of there 50clintz (and card)
Good Luck

offline soliuz Imperator  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 01:22

I might be in but im not sure...............

offline Capn Clintz Imperator  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 02:00

I'd be in but you have been flagged as a scammer in the past, get a admin or mod to pick the number and verify you have the goods and I'll join.

offline CharlieCat Senior  
Tuesday 22/04/2008, 14:37

I am in Iamo

offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Tuesday 22/04/2008, 17:10

I doubt this is on the up and up because of his history, but if it is, good luck all.

offline Charly_Vel36 Imperator  
Wednesday 23/04/2008, 02:11

Im in

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 23/04/2008, 13:50

Well thats participate you want 50 clintz but if we don't get in the first 4 you give us 50 clintz and a card?so what will you gain?it sounds like a cam

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 23/04/2008, 13:51

I meant scam!!!

offline Charly_Vel36 Imperator  
Thursday 24/04/2008, 01:45


offline CharlieCat Senior  
Tuesday 29/04/2008, 14:41

Count me out

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