Monday 14/04/2008, 05:55

250 clintz entry need 10 players aat least and no refunds
now for prizes
1st a Yookie
2nd a natarang
3rd is Frank
as i said if theres not more than 10 peoplwe then theres no refunds
it will be on this wednesday at the fight club
we play each other 1 time 3 points win 2 draw 1 loss
abd prizez are up at the top
have fun!

Monday 14/04/2008, 06:21

1. I got a report that you haven't refunded the players from a previous tournament that didn't took place, until you fix that I suggest no players enter this tournament.

2. you said "as i said if theres not more than 10 people then theres no refunds " - that is against the rules of organizing a tournament. If you organize a tournament and it doesn't take place you have to refund all the players that payed their inscription fee otherwise we may take actions against you

3. you put a 250 entry fee and 10 players = 2500 clintz but the prizes only add up to about 1100 clintz - that sounds like a scam to me.

if you don't fix all the issues with the previous tournament and this tournament, you will not be able to continue doing this and we may be forced to take actions against you

Monday 14/04/2008, 06:35

Ok then ill refund the other guy

Monday 14/04/2008, 06:40

Ok ill stop this tourney please lock it im not gona do it anymore and ill refund the person ok?

Monday 14/04/2008, 06:45

Raven im refunding him now


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