offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Wednesday 31/01/2007, 14:58

While there are no unofficial tournaments in english, i decided to start one, so if you guys are interested , just put a word here, and i'll put the rules as soon as enough persons are on...(there will be lots of surprises for the winners smiley

offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Wednesday 31/01/2007, 20:49

As soon as we reach 16 players we will begin.... i give 10000 clintz in money price smiley ( just as appetizer,lol)

offline KV Karkus Imperator  
Wednesday 31/01/2007, 21:12

Hehe, it seems that my guild, KV is very interested smiley) why should I don't be? smiley

offline kv NIVROTH Imperator KINGS OF VALACHIA
Wednesday 31/01/2007, 21:24

There are this few people because they didnt wake up smiley) in this forum people are not used to this kind of events... but i think the rumor will spread upon the land and in some time tournaments will be a regular habit in here too, as it already is on the french forum.

offline ravvel Hero  
Wednesday 31/01/2007, 21:50

Most of the people don't even know for what this section of the message board is created.... I knew nothing about the unoficial tournaments untill a couple of weeks ago, although i speak french it never crossed my mind to check "le forum" untill i asked angelo... i hope to see here all the good players that don't have acces to "le forum" simply because they don't speak french, good luck to all and many "english" tournaments in the future

offline KV Karkus Imperator  
Wednesday 31/01/2007, 21:53

Maybe you're right my friend smiley

offline KVBraker23 Senior  
Wednesday 31/01/2007, 23:21

Whoohoo, the first, the best, the coolest tournament, in English! You can count me in for sure! Brothers in arms of the KV, I salute you and wish you all good luck!

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Thursday 01/02/2007, 01:34

I want to take part as well. Thanks.

offline -sCapeg0d- Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 01/02/2007, 05:26

Count me in!

But are there any rules of engagement we all should be aware of?

offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Thursday 01/02/2007, 05:27

Already about 10 players.... sounds good smiley

offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Thursday 01/02/2007, 05:30

The rules will be : 28 stars maximum in the deck, no doubles, no collectors...3 games minimum per fight (3:0 3:1 3:2)....

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