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Wednesday 09/05/2007, 07:13

Hello to all,
will be organized aprés the BR8 a vote (or rather several votes).
Its votes will determine the players that you will judge the better ones in every categories.
But for that I need you. In fact from today, I ask you of send me "BY PM the name of a player that you would see well in one of the categories below.
Thus therefore, at the end of the month, a circulation to the goes out (following the numbers of player that will have named a player) will be carried out to elect the 5 better players of every categories.
It about it will follow himself therefore a vote by PM that will have for goal to elect one of the 5 players in every categories.
Every conqueror will receive a card collector, I again is not decided of which ones.
I am well évidement out competitions, it is therefore useless to name me in although this be.
You can on the other hand you propose yourself. Here the proposed categories:

More again active former player:
More fair-play:
Player more promising:
More big daily tournament player:
More big urban-rivals player:
More generous players:
Better guild:
Player the more serviviable (counsel) :
Better ELO player :
More present on the forums:
Player having all the named qualities above:
Of the better moderating one :

Send your messages to LW-Mac-leodsmiley
Oh people reading this....could you vote me on dailys or on elo thankssmiley
If you do i can send you some cards hehehehesmiley

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